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The Last Balloon

I can’t believe I did this again. I told myself that Red was a one time one-shot and I wasn’t going to get roped into these writing challenges again. But then Mara posts such lovely pictures that ideas pop into my head and fly out of my fingers almost before I realize I’m trapped.

So I wrote.

This one came easily. I don’t remember the last time something came to me so easily. Okay, it was Red. :P Why are these 1,000 minimum word count one-shots so easy!? Is it the pictures? Is it me? Am I actually learning how to let the words flow? That would be shocking.

Whatever it is, it produced this…

The Last Balloon

The title isn’t fancy, but once again, it stuck.

And here is the picture:

Do not leave me alone

And the contest page:

Be Mine


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