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Carnage, Celts, and Taylor Swift

I’ve made a deal with myself. I will not longer be shocked when I decide to do another of Mara’s writing challenges. I blame the pictures. Those darned, story-sparking pictures.

I walked away from this, fully satisfied not to have an idea for a story in my head right away. Yes, it’s a marvelous picture, but without an immediate, “OH I know what’s going on and who he is and what’s up with his past and I gotta right it yaaay!” I figured I’d take a break from these.

The next day I was riding home in the car with Taylor Swift’s new album playing on loop. (Just so you know, my brother was in the front passenger seat and thus in control of the music.) The Story of Us was playing a line that goes, “I’ve never heard silence quite this loud.” And the story hit me like a ton of bricks wrapped up in paper and stuck with pens. Soooo… I had to.

The other song that I deliberately played which helped me write it was Heartland. In case that matters to you.



Mandor in the Water ??

I am… normal, yes!? :D

I tried stepping out of my comfort zone and writing darker things about warring clans and plagues. I didn’t get very far before it turned into a semi-romance. There be carnage. I’m not denying the carnage factor. But it’s not quite as… gruesome as I’d imagined. Then again I only had a week, I was taken down with work, sickness, and other writings and what you see is something of a miracle in itself.

The rest is in the Author’s Note.


P.S. I want to write more of Olderic and Fianait. O.O


11 thoughts on “Carnage, Celts, and Taylor Swift

    1. Woooow. It took me no less than FOUR times to find it. :P Wow, that’s pretty bad. I was writing this late at night, obviously. I’m shocked by my mistake Hehehe. Thank you for finding that!

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