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Best. Videos. Ever.

The Oscars are a waste of time. You’d do better to follow my lead and watch the amazing things that can be found on YouTube. It’s Friday night! Waste some time! But in a better way than the Oscars waste it.

These are the best. videos. ever. Extra periods for extra emphasis. I’ve even divided them into sections so you can scroll to the genre you’d enjoy most. :) Watch them. For they are awesome.

~ Period Dramas ~

Look Back at Me
If you like this bit, just think… he speaks words with that accent throughout the entire 4 hour mini-series. North and South. Find it. Watch it. Love it. Now.

It’s Raining Period Drama Men
Hallelujah! (I do not condone the use of the vile 2005 “Pride and Prejudice” clips, but this is so amazing, it’s almost forgivable. Plus, when there’s no audible cattiness or line-rushing, it’s not so awful.) 1:12 = GOOD PART!! Thornton’s eye roll! :D :D :D

Call Him Sir
I’m in love with Horatio Hornblower. In. Love. I would marry him. If he were real. And knew me. And was also unmarried.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s heart skips a beat when he says, “Indeed, death. And best you all remember it.” Whew! I mean… *fans self*

The Reply I Am To Expect
This remains the best book to movie adaptation I have ever seen. It’s now a family tradition to watch the entire miniseries every Thanksgiving. :D And yes, I began that tradition. I could watch this on loop just to see Colin Firth pace back and forth in breeches and a cravat.

Albert and Victoria
My favorite couple of all time. Victoria had an entire ERA named after her. And the details of their love is just… *melts* And it’s REAL. Okay, so things in this particular movie version were definitely embellished. But the pleasing quality of the film, the lovely actors they chose, and the script, and the accents… most romantic. movie. ever.

~ Animation ~

Stab Him in the Face, Alright?
1:50 is where you really need to start watching if you won’t sit through the whole thing. (Although I suggest you do.) There is so much history in this clip. From watching the original cartoon LOTR as a kid to currently quoting the most epic dubbed version of it ever.

I Had No Idea

When Life Gives You Dib…


A Man in the Room!
This is from that astounding cartoon Phantom. You read right. An animated Phantom of the Opera. It’s so quirky and melodramatic that it’s… beyond description. Just watch. May it amuse you.

7:30 onward = pure magic. Hehehehe.

~ TV Shows ~

Wilting Flower


Meeting Jules

Because You’re Pretty

Space Cowboy

You’re Alive!

Slashed IQ

~Music Videos~

Total… Eclipse

When you can’t think of words say whoahooaaoh!

Jesus is My Friend


4 thoughts on “Best. Videos. Ever.

  1. It’s Raining Period Drama Men – I was drooling. Okay, not really. But I sure felt like I was.

    Colin Firth brings out the girlishness in me. I could totally watch that scene on loop, too. Especially since the proposal is my favorite part of P&P. :D

    There’s an entire dubbed LOTR? Wow. I wonder what they did for that scene in ROTK with the orcs singing, “Where there’s a whip there’s a way!”

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Seriously. Colin Firth = Mr. Darcy who = love. :D

      Oh, this is just the first one. The FOTR animated. They started doing ROTK (I remember that music from my childhood and we still sing it!) but it wasn’t going very well so they put it on hold indefinitely. Which makes me sad, because those dubs are TEH AWRESUM!!! Sorry. I use chat slang when I’m excited. :P

      1. Colin Firth = not just Mr. Darcy but the BEST, most ADORABLE Mr. Darcy ever.

        That is sad. But I want to watch the dubbed FOTR. Is it an actual, professional movie spoof, or just some very talented people having fun?

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