And it just occurred to me that I work tommorow

Yes, so I work tomorrow. It figures that I’d get on a writing binge when I simultaneously realize I should be sleeping. 400 words in thirty minutes! And I have 3 things with due dates! Why on earth would I sleep?? Oh well. I don’t work until 11. I can write and blog and stuff. :)

Is it bad that at the back of my mind is the thought, “There’s always espresso!”?

Oh, so here’s what this post was set up for. Site stats!! And making fun of them! No, I’m not making fun of the people who find my blog. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE WHO FIND MY BLOG! …if you find it on purpose… or like what you find…

No, forget it. I pretty much love you just for being here. :)

But hey, these search terms are pretty funny. Observe…

The most reoccurring themes are: lolcat, Emmy Rossum, the Weasley twins, Titanic (???) hair style terms, Sense and Sensibility, Phantom related things, and Kieth Harkin/Celtic Thunder.

Individual ones I found fascinating and/or hilarious…

-hear a snippet here

I’m really surprised that people actually search for this. Either I have friends who keep losing my blog *coughs*Subscribe*coughs* or acquaintances are hearing about it and trying to find me. Either way… it’s surprising.

-keith harkin celtic thunder autograph

I HAVE ONE!!! :D :D :D :D :D

titanic the movie comic strip when rose and jack meet

Are they looking for this?

-funny indians

Hehehehehehe. Funny Indians are funny!

-i want everything that’s not mine

Hah! Wooow. In that case, you will never be happy and you fail at life.

-wedding headdress with coins

Sounds like it could be a Tamina thing, but as we all know, PRINCE OF PERSIA DIDN’T GIVE US A WEDDING!! <-P.S. Best crying face ever, thanks to Yahoo chat.

-lolcat bethany

If there is one, I want to see it NAOOO!!

-hermione torture scene

Yes, I would search that, too. Because the one I saw in the film did not meet my expectations. MORE BLOOD! MORE TERROR! MORE EMOTION FROM RON!

-dimitri held anya anastasia

That. He. Did. :D So glad it led you to my blog. Heehee.

-“prince of persia” fanfiction

Oooh hellooo, guilty pleasure. What are yooou doing here?

-what do you want me too say

First, I’d like you to use to/too properly.

-novel writing perfectionism

And it led them straight to my blog. Hah! Fancy that. ;)

-taylor swift wearing big glasses in you belong to me

Why this makes me smile so much, I don’t know. But it does.

-keith harkin singing the dutchman

*swooooooooooooooooon* It will make you cry!!! It made me cry! And write weepy things!

-titanic jack and rose in water died

Yes, they did. In water they died. And it makes me laugh because I’m an awful person. (Actually, I just think Titanic was stupid.)

-what color hair does keith harkin like in girls

Come back here and tell me when you find out!!

-butter sculpture of taylor swift

HAHAHAHA! Wait…… do those exist??

-ryan merriman feet

I… hu… wha… it… uuuuuum… yeah, so apparently there’s a forum where this girl was asking for the title of a film in which Ryan Merriman shows his feet in a scene. I’ve only seen him in Elevator Girl (yes, I love that movie, what of it?) but apparently he has a little fanclub developing over his feet. His FEET. Are they really that fantastic? Now I’m curious… :P I know his face is rather nice…

-ioan gruffudd mirror

No idea what that is exactly… but I want it.

-dyed one part of my head

…but this came right after it, which I think explains everything;

-“severely nearsighted”

And winner of most specific search term… *drum roll*

-country music song about a guy helping someone who was broke down on the side of the road

Just a hunch, but I’m guessing that took them here. What really tickles me about that is that I bet some poor soul was wondering where they’ve heard that song and then read my post only to find out it hasn’t been written yet! It just seems like it would be a heckuva good country song! :P

On a side note, if my “gravatar” commenting picture keeps changing that’s because I’m dissatisfied with my face at the moment. Nothing I find particularly upsetting, but it seems that most photos in which I like my expression are taken from a distance and cropping makes it blurry. Or my face is smooshed against a friend’s face and cropping is impossible. Or I upload it, think it’ll be fine and it turns out my face looks creepy, babyish, or birdlike in the little square. Yes, I found out I can be birdlike. Just call me finchie.

Goodnight! or morning… whatever time zone you’re in. ;)



9 thoughts on “And it just occurred to me that I work tommorow

  1. That’s awesome!! I love the search stats. I really want to see a lolcat Bethany :D :D

    Not to burst your bubble…but when I was reading your genius song idea description, I felt a deja vu…like a music video was running through my head. Now either I have a vivid imagination, or there is a similar (not *identical*) song out there somewhere! :O

    1. Me too! Like, fur realz. (See what I did thur?) :P

      Well I know there’s one about the guy who picks a girl up after her ride breaks down, but the rest of the songs was totally different, so maybe that’s it. But hey, if there’s a song out there just like it, I’d be thrilled! I just want to hear it! So no bubbles burst. ;)

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    1. I know, right!? I just couldn’t stop snickering at the “perfectionism” part. :D I did search for a TS butter sculpture, but haven’t found one yet. :P

      I still think a Ioan Gruffudd mirror would be boss. :D

      Oh goodness. :P Yeeeeup! I needed sleep. Wow. I don’t want to change it now. It just shows how sleepeh I was. Heheh.

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