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Spring Collection – Part 2

You may ask why this post is so delayed. Well, I don’t know. Except that I’m lazy and slow about things. Also, I thought by now I’d have more pictures of my more colorful dresses but the events I’ve planned to wear them to keep getting postponed. :( Yes, I have a pink dress picked out just for pancake brunch with the grandparents.

It is my right to dress up for pancakes.

It’s been raining a lot for a California spring. I want to wear my sleeveless sundresses! Aaaah!

Anyway… this may look like I’m really fond of gray, blue, and other cool colors, but I’m for reals in love with vibrancy. I just haven’t worn it much yet.

Muggle Me

I don’t know why I was having such a hard time getting pictures of this particular outfit. (Could be the fact that my photographer was a three year old. ;))But I am quite obviously emanating the aura of a British non-magic-user.

How did I ever get to be so awkward? I think it’s getting worse!

Argyle socks = <3 Those are my “Versailles shoes” which collected wet gravel from the gardens at Versailles when I was in Europe.

The Traveling Bride

I was told by a fashion forward friend that this outfit makes me look like I just got married and am ready to embark on my honeymoon. So I have indulged her with this title. And I think she’s right. The more I look at it, the more it screams “BRIDAL!!” to me.

Everything shown here is from a thrift store, except the hair piece which was a slight splurge from Claire’s. Shoes I bought a while ago and have been saving for a great outfit. The jacket mum bought for me (at two dollars) without me even being there and it fits perfectly.

My bouquet of weeds. Very romantic.

Here’s a better view of the lacy prettiness. That’s my cameo necklace from Pompeii. Versailles shoes and a Pompeii necklace! Makes me feel so lucky to have been there!

A look at all my accessories. I adore my birdie earrings. ^.^

Off the Clock

As a bonus, you might say–or an attempt to show that I do wear color–here’s my favorite kicking back outfit. Soon as I get home from work (if it’s not late enough to jump into drapey night shirt yet) I yell, “Where’s my plaid shirt?? Where’s my plaid??” and I put it on at once.

Yeees… that’s me with wet hair and no makeup. Glamorous. But oh so comfortable. ;)

My reliable five-year-old jeans. (Meaning, I’ve had them for five years, not that they’re a 5 yr. old’s size!) And guess where those shoes have been? Yup. Europe. Walked 12 miles in them around the Seine. That was just one day in Paris!

I hope to have more color next time! Stay cozy!



3 thoughts on “Spring Collection – Part 2

  1. You’re goofy. So you were letting G take your pix? Wow, she did a great job being that she is only 3. AND, the jeans probably would fit a 5 year old! ;)


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