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I’d write a book on them, (eccentricities) but that’s another story. No, literally, it is another story and I cannot start another story or I will go mad.

So what was I here for…? I think just to ramble. Hey, I’ve got some pictures on my camera! Let’s make use of them.

Yesterday I went to evening service looking like an eccentric bag lady. Or maybe myself in 40 years when I own a house full of bunnies and canaries. I also could be a British book character. Too bad the Harry Potter movies are done being made. I could have tried out for a cameo…

In my defense, it was cold and I needed all these mismatched accessories so my writer’s hands didn’t freeze off. The fleur de lis was just because. I needed it. Because… um… just because. :)

Today–technically yesterday if we’re counting the fact that it’s past 2 in the morning–I was determined to get my hair trimmed. I put on a cute outfit, went to get my hair snipped, blow dried, curled, and styled, finally got finished around 7:20 and went home to lounge in bed. So yes, it’s like I went to get my hair done so I could sleep on it. Although I found out a certain Chapter 20 isn’t finished like I thought it was, so I have yet to sleep on it.

I was going to do a Project Hair Grow today, but the curls were too tight and made my hair look shorter. That’s not what I wanted. So I’ll have one soon. Maybe. Hopefully. Don’t hold your breath.

Eeees so coooozy in mah Socceroos shirt!


2 thoughts on “Eccentricities

  1. Did you get your bangs retrimmed? You look adorable…I might be doing that soon…I haven’t decided! It took forever to grow them out and I hate them at the awkward length! Opinion?

    1. I diiid. And I realize that now it’s even easier for me to look 12 years old (not that I try) if I wear a headband and kicking-back clothes.

      Hmm… well it’s up to you! If it took you a while to grow them out you might want to keep them long for a while, just to play with longer layers. But I do like having bangs while my hair grows out. It gives some extra… I dunno, softeness to my face when my hair is pulled back. And if you get them not too short, they can always be pulled back with bobby pins. ;)

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