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What’s In Mah Purse

The Bag

A sturdy, khaki green shoulder bag with multiple pockets, zippers, and snaps for ultimate security and storage space. Cost me a whopping $8 at the local thrift store. At the time I thought it was pricey but had fallen in love and couldn’t not purchase it. This was carried through four different countries with me last summer and has proved itself a worthy bag.

The Items Within

Money Holders & Such

1. Best friend wallet.

I bought myself a brand new purple one from Target a couple years back and ended up trading with my best friend who had the same one in pink. Purple suits her better anyway. And now I have a wallet that was my best friend’s. :)

2. Keys to things I never use.

I do drive. Occasionally. When forced to. Unfortunately, the vehicle I drive most has a special key that costs upwards of $50 to reproduce, so I just have the Ford Econoline key. Woohoo! Along with keys to my room, the front door, and a very blunt scissor/knife/file set.

3. My mp3 player.

This little midget of music is the newest thing in my purse. Dib (my last one) was put to rest recently, and now I have Poe. Who is a girl mp3 player and allows me to use folders. I NEED FOLDERS IN MY LIFE!!

4. Sock coin purse.

Dobby would be proud. Oh! I take my “newest” comment back! This actually is the newest thing I have in my purse; mumsie bought it for me right after I got my mp3. Heehee. I lovesh it.

Health & Beauty

1. Hair ties of every shape, size, and color.

I have to keep my hair up in a pony tail or braid every work day. As soon as possible, I tug the tie out and it gets stuffed in my purse.

2. Lush products.

I actually don’t like this hand lotion because it smells like old lady. Lavender is not my favorite. I need to exchange it for some Sympathy For the Hands; a delicious smelling blend of oatmeal and banana. It makes me want to eat my hands. :P

3. Bandaids.

The First Aid station at work is never stocked. Enough said.

4. Cow print emery board.

Because nicks in my nails are annoying. They catch on clothes and hurt meh.

5. Wisps.

Perfect for my lunch break. Wow, my purse has conformed to my work needs! Who would have though I’d be so adaptable. (That’s a joke. I’m very adaptable.)

6. Peels.

Advil for headaches, a travel case of various over the counter pills in different quantities. And you never know when you’ll need some Dayquil.

7. Glasses polisher rag thing.

Stays in my pocket when I’m wearing mah spectacles.

8. Two shades of lipstick.

Pink and reddish brown. Mostly for marking coffee containers for mum so she doesn’t mix up whose is whose.

9. Nivea hand cream.

Krystal loves me. :) She bought this as a present for moi. It works wonders on the po’ hands.

10. Silvery heart compact mirror.

Another gift. This one from Kassia. <3 It always holds a fictional husband.

11. More lip care.

A honey bees chapstick, the ever delicious raspberry lemonade flavored Blistex, and two different shades of Jordanna lip gloss.

And there’s my current husband. Say hello to Draco, everyone.

“Hello to Draco, everyone.”

Paper & Panera Products

1. My livelihood.

A notepad for story notes. And sometimes writing down my schedule. But mostly for story notes.

2. Maps.

I have no sense of direction. I’m not sure where these maps lead, but I think it’s a good idea to hang on to them.

3. Panera Passport.

To remind me what sammiches I ate at work. :)

4. PENS.

I guess these are also the most important thing(s) in my purse, since the notepad would be useless without them.

How It All Fits

Oh look! DNA! It’s good to catch your hair on zippers. It’ll make it easier for the police to trace the purse back to you if it goes missing.

Now show me your purses!!! Just kidding. You don’t have to. But you could. You could do a post like this. It might be fun. :) Iiii had fun.



4 thoughts on “What’s In Mah Purse

  1. I laughed out loud at the “Hello to Draco, everyone” too. :D

    I would do this, but it would be REALLY boring. Seriously. I have my wallet, my keys, my phone, and a lip gloss. And that’s it. I’m not much of a purse-stuffer. Could have to do with the fact that my purses are always kind of small.

    I like your stuff. It’s fun to look at!

    1. Heheheh. :D I was actually semi-quote stealing from a Potter Puppet Pal’s YouTube video. Draco Puppet! :P It never fails to make me giggle.

      I tried keeping a small purse for a while, but I was always frantic for things I didn’t have with me. So now I have a medium sized shoulder bag for a purse and I still tote my carry on bag with knitting supplies and books everywhere I go. (It’s also khaki green.)

      Well good! I’m glad this wasn’t a boring post. :)

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