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Sweet Talkin Saturday: Darling

1. a person very dear to another; one dearly loved.
2. an affectionate or familiar term of address.
3. a person or thing in great favor; a favorite: She was the darling of café society.
4. very dear; dearly loved: my darling child.
5. favorite; cherished.
6. Informal . charming; cute; lovable: What a darling baby!


(From the online dictionary at dictionary.com)

bef. 900;  ME derling,  OE dēorling. See dear, -ling


Darling is class. Darling is a tall man in a fine suit pressing his cheek against his lady love’s. Darling is long gloves matched with a dazzling gown. Darling is a fairy tale prince stooping over a sleeping maiden about to wake her with a kiss.

Darling is old fashioned charm, elegance; loving glances on an ivy-choked veranda; Victorian skirts sweeping across a petal-strewn bridge at the fall of dusk. Darling is a diamond necklace dangling on a slender throat.
But darling is said best with an accent or sung.

Between friends it works only with a Brooklyn or Southern drawl.

Unless you’d rather sound like an evil queen. Daaaaarling…

In any case, I approve this one. *stamp of approval*


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