The Great Room Disaster of 2011

I have a problem with keeping my room clean. Or even getting it clean once I’ve let it go. Work makes me sore and tired and I use that as an excuse to do nothing. I guess what I need to do is set small goals I can reach every day and then work up to a completely clean room. Once I have a floor again I’ll move on to organizing. THAT’S MY FAVORITE PHASE!! :D After organizing, I get to reward myself with thoughts and hopes of redecoration.

Ultimately, I want to go with a Regency feel to my room. I’m looking at sage green colors for the wall and taupe kind of accents. I have a pair of old fashioned… I guess they’re ads… in thick frames that inspired the thought.

But for now, I’ll devise a way to reward myself each night when my goals are met.

I’d take pictures of my progress and before and afters for a bigger push, but alas my camera is in the shop. Poor Pinkie. She lasted not long. Not long at all.

Tonight my goals are as follows:

  • Empty 1 full bucket of laundry. (Not on the floor.)
  • Fill empty bucket with dirty laundry.
  • Put clothes from suitcase away. (Yep. Stuff from last weekend still sits in my suitcase. It’s like another dresser drawer, right?)


  • Eat double chocolate fudge brownie with icing that I bought from work. :D
  • Download Tangled songs to my mp3.

I’m thinking of making a similar post for writing goals. Because short term goals make me productive. Usually.


5 thoughts on “The Great Room Disaster of 2011

    1. Mmmm… not so much. I mean, I completed the important ones. I just didn’t do the “fun” ones. Not that I write anything that isn’t fun. ;)

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