The Great Writing Slacker of 2011

I’m supposed to have a novel finished by the end of the year. A novel that’s now over 90,000 words with no end in sight. How am I ever going to get this done?

I’m switching tactics. Time to whip out ye ole small goals method. I hear this is the ideal way to stay motivated, but I have a problem staying motivated to make those daily goals in the first place. *snort* That’s how hopeless I am.

But let’s try it!

Writing goals for tonight:

  • 1,000 words written in Turnings.
  • 200 words written in Tierelyss.
  • 100 words written in Collin’s Foibles.
  • Chapter II of my crack fic finished.

Rewards for completion:

  • Read fan fiction update.
  • Post Chapter I of crack fic.
  • Sleep.

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