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Friday Night on YouTube

I think I’ll make a habit of posting clips of the stuff I’m watching and listening to each Friday night. Since it’s Friday. Movie night and whatnot. I might as well share in the bounty.

Vivaldi Concerto for Lute

I found this while searching for something simple to be played at a medieval wedding. Writer’s stuff. Don’t ask. But do listen!

Bohemian Rhapsody – Ukulele

Worth all 6 minutes. Since that’s the music part.

Britney Spears Dance Moves

This… weirdly amazing thing makes me want to clean my room and try to do it. :P

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu (Dance Shot Mirrored)

Yeah. Mirrored. So I can learn the mooooves!

Summer Scent

Two words: Korean Drama. Oh yeah. And I can understand every word they’re saying! (Because I have English subtitles. :P)

Brilliant Les Mis Animation

Asian… Cowboys?

Okay, I admit, I have no idea what’s going on or what they’re singing about. But it’s just so amazingly… I CAN’T LOOK AWAY!!! @.@ I think it’s a milk commercial. Maybe. :P

Beauty and the Beast

Try watching that and not thinking, “Now I have to watch the rest.” JUST TRY IT!! Because now I have to go watch the rest.

If there’s a theme tonight, I guess it’s 90’s and Asians.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night on YouTube

    1. HAH! I just watched that tonight!! :D It came up in one of the related videos during my YouTubings.

      I get asked frequently if I’m half Asian. By Asians. And I have no knowledge of any Asian ancestors. :P But I love it when it happens.

      Okay! Sounds good to me! Hehehe.

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