Caspian, you fool!

I’m upset.

I had no high hopes for the new Narnia movie, so it’s not like my dreams are crushed in that area, but I’m upset with me and my forgetfulness over the books. I was fairly certain that “Caspian’s Woman” as I’ve been calling her in my forgetful fog, makes a first appearance in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I thought he rescues her from slave traders and then promises to come back for her. Or didn’t have time to rescue her from slavers and that’s why he promised to come back when the all-consuming quest was at an end. I was thinking, “Don’t remember much about her in the books, but being that these are movies, they’ll have a chance to make her an actual character!” You know, those subtle but really sweet gestures and clever moments that make you emotionally attached to a character’s love story. *snork*

I was right about one thing. He promises to come back for her. Take note that the part I was right about did not happen in the movie. (Stupid, stupid movie.) Okay! Well I did a little digging and rediscovered the identity of “Caspian’s Woman” and it is now clear to me why I didn’t think I saw her featured ONCE in the film.

She’s a flippin star!?! Okay, that was probably really cool in the books, but considering I’ve dreamed up handfuls of lovely slave trading rescue fan fictions, I’m gravely disappointed.

I didn’t see any indication of romance in that ridiculous movie scene. Edmund was just as taken with blonde hussy as Caspian! Sheesh. And she has dishonest features. I don’t trust her. So yes. I’m disappointed because I don’t think finding a Caspian/slave rescue story will be possible now. Yet, there is hope! For fan fiction knows no bounds! :P

I hate so much about the things you choose to be.


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