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Opening Lines

We put a lot of pressure on a book’s opening line, as well we should. I put a lot of pressure on myself to deliver opening lines that make a person want to read more of my stories, and what’s even more important at this point, make me want to write more.

I’m feeling sort of nostalgic about my stories. I’m not being very productive in them, but I’m enjoying reading them back to myself at this moment.

I figure while I’m not really writing, I might as well share some opening lines and let you all cast lots take votes amongst yourselves for the best. I admit, I’m very fond of these and have withheld the openers I’m not quite as tickled over. But I’m anxious to know if my favorites are really that good, or if I’m just biased because I know my characters. Yes, I say characters. Come on guys! You should know by now, it’s aaaall about the characters. ;)

  1. It was the night when Faust should have ended without incident.
    The Shadow’s Light (Title Pending)
  2. The sleeping torch burst into livid orange flames with the spread of his fingers, devouring the darkness and cold that surrounded its aura like the heat of fire surrounded Baldorn.
    Wind Blessed
  3. Beauty solves nothing.
    Beauty and Payne
  4. Torin was feeling the least celebratory of all those attending his engagement banquet; even more sullen than the butcher who was forced to bathe before arriving.
    Tierelyss: One Who Never Weeps
  5. My new patient was brought in by the police, screaming like a savage and wearing men’s clothing.
    The Baffling Case of Emma Browne
  6. She didn’t know who she was, where she was, how she got there.

Okay, so there they are. My favorites. Wow. I just got a little thrill imagining… if all these were finished… and books. I mean… seeing those together make me a little… okay a lot, proud.

I’d be prouder if I ever actually finished something!


Anyway, I’ve set up a poll. :) Because I think polls are fun and I love to share in the fun. I’ll even vote on my own poll! But not until I get a couple votes in. I don’t want my favorite to make you bias. ;P As unlikely as that is…

Awww, now I think it would have been kind of fun to play a game where you have to match the story title with its opening line. :P Oh well. I look forward to seeing these results!


8 thoughts on “Opening Lines

  1. Loved them all, of course! Tierelyss: One Who Never Weeps was a very close second. I also liked “The Baffling Case of Emma Brown”! I was curious about the titles/lines that I didn’t recognize, however. I thought that I had read almost all of your stor……. oh, wait a minute. They are probably from the dumb ole stories that need your dumb ole password that only dumb ole people care about! Who cares???? Not me! I’m not dumb or ole. :)

    1. Which one did you end up favoriting? :) I’d be interested in knowing. Tierelyss is my current favorite. It makes me giggle. Torin’s such a hasty fellow. Some of these titles are from stories that aren’t finished. I mean, not even the first chapters are done. So that’s why you haven’t seen them. No one has. No one but me! The password doesn’t let people read any stories. I thought that’s what I’d use it for, but it ended up being more… not that. :P So yeah.

      1. My favorite is definitely Wind Blessed, “The sleeping torch burst into livid orange flames with the spread of his fingers, devouring the darkness and cold that surrounded its aura like the heat of fire surrounded Baldorn.”

        (“People don’t talk like that anymore.” “They should.”)

        I love the fullness of this line. The fact that it has flames and fire in it doesn’t hurt either! :)

        I liked Tierelyss second for the same reason as you, (exceptIdon’tgiggle,Ilaugh).

        Honorable mention to “The Baffling Case of Emma Brown” because I’ve seen a woman screaming like a savage and wearing men’s clothing on a call that I responded to once.

  2. Oh, no, you only let me choose two! I went for three and five in the end . . . but you know I love six (because I love every word of that story), and I really would have liked to do four too . . . oh, well.

    On a side note, would it be too much to ask that you fix the typo in the last paragraph? It’s bugging me. Thanks!

    1. Well, I wanted you to be able to pick more than one, but I didn’t want too many ties. I really am interested in seeing if there will be a “winner” :)

      It’s fixed! Its wretched way of distraction will not haunt you again. ;)

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