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Fraiday Naayte EweTewb!1!

Because I can.

Klay World: Fun Pole

If you enjoy Llamas With Hats, you will enjoy these adorably morbid claymations.

Cautionary statement: All these pretty much end in (and involve) violence. Juuust so you know. Clay violence. But violence. :P

The moral of that story; don’t listen to peer pressure.

Klay World: Not Your Friend Anymore

Not The Favorite

Lois and Clark

Best Superman ever. Oh yes, it’s plenty cheesy. :) Also the first “grown up” show I was allowed to watch. Mumsie and I bonded over episodes. Heehee. And it’s still one of the only versions of Superman I can stand.

Haha! Okay, this clip made me giggle, but the first comment on it made me laugh outright:

Clark is in the Friendzone
1 week ago


While we’re on the subject, Smallville makes me snork. I was just watching clips of it and I kept laughing!! I used to watch that show, but it got too soap operaish for me. I don’t like shows where the couple that everyone knows is meant to be together takes twenty thousand seasons to even meet and each of them date four or five other people first. And after Teri Hatcher, I can’t really approve another Lois. This one looks OLD to me. Like… in her 40’s old. Mmmmno.

Clark/Lois Cheese

Unfortunately, this makes them look kind of cute. Darnit. Now I sort of kind of want to watch this show again. Just the Clark/Lois eppies! This is why YouTube surfing is DANGEROUS!!!

Eragon Deleted Scene

This movie was retarded. But absolutely hilarious in its deviation from the books. I just found this stupid deleted scene and I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s so funny how they tried to throw in Katrina’s character like that! I mean… it’s horrible! But so funny!

Dorky Eragon Videos

This one user has a goldmine of Eragon parody videos. They’re probably the best thing that ever came of that movie. In fact, I should stop looking at these or I’ll start a rant on the idiocy of book-to-movie fails.

Jim Halpert Love

Declaring Bankruptcy

If Guys Were Like Girls

Probably my favorite video ever. (I say that a lot! But it’s true every time! :D)

Wanted Hero

This is soooooo me. :P Not Flynn. The ad. Yeah. I’d send out an ad like that. Hehehe.


6 thoughts on “Fraiday Naayte EweTewb!1!

  1. Ha ha! Eragon bothering Brom is hilarious!

    Oh, yes, the Eragon movie . . . I only watched it once, but I had such a great time! It was so far from the book that I couldn’t stop laughing.

    If Guys Were Like Girls is scary. But funny. So, so funny! I actually didn’t so much as giggle while I was watching it, but the minute it ended I burst into laughter that must’ve lasted at least half a minute.

    1. Aw, man, that’s my favorite Eragon video ever. :P “BRANCH!?” Such a moron.

      Hahaha! My brother had the video game for a while and we had the greatest time being goofy in it. We have this ongoing joke about how common dragon’s eggs were in the game.

      :D My friends and I want to make a If Girls Were Like Guys because the ones on YouTube are dumb and not really funny. But I doubt we’ll actually get around to it.

      1. My friend has the video game. I was once playing it at her house . . . but I couldn’t get past the bit in the beginning with all the fire. I kept dying.

        Oh, well. It’s just a stupid video game based on the stupid Eragon movie anyway. You think I was bothered that I kept dying? Psh. No way.

        I can imagine that they’d be dumb. Guys are just . . . not as easy to imitate as girls. What’s there to imitate anyway?

        Although if you plan on making one, maybe that means you have some ideas. I should like to see it if you do make it!

      2. Hehehe. Yes, I can tell. You do not sound bitter at all!

        It was a stupid game. But my brother’s humor makes stupid games fun. :P

        Well for research on our idea, I followed my brothers and their friends around one Bible study night with a notebook. It was quite insightful. Lots of talk about video games, and they NEVER let you distract them from finishing what they started saying, and “shut up” is heard a lot, as well as, “dude.” It was funny.

        Of course! :D

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