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10 Things Challenge

I know I start a lot of weekly posts that end up becoming bi-monthly and then seem to fade into never-posts, but this one I’m not holding to a certain day. It’ll be each week (hopefully) whenever I have ten things ready to plop down as what I’m thankful for.

Yeah, this is a thankfulness challenge! Because thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday. And sometimes a week gets crazy and it’s good to sit back and appreciate what God’s given you–you, meaning me. I know, I turned this to myself. I’m so selfish. SELFISH BETH!

Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For
(this week)

  1. Plaid tops
    I can’t exactly explain why. I find feminine plaid tops wonderful. Maybe that seems like a contradiction; feminine plaid, but when the cut and color is appealing to me, I’m so very happy in plaid. Cut and color… I make them sound like diamonds. :)
  2. Thrift stores
    The place in which plaid shirts of my liking can be found! As well as many other treasures, like the little yellow purse I bought this week for $13 though the brand new tag on it said $34. WOOHOO!
  3. Strawberries
    We had some on the 4 berry sundae I had this afternoon, and then more fresh ones for dinner. I love strawberries. <3
  4. Soft serve
    Self explanatory. Ice cream in its simplest, most delightful form.
  5. Empty laundry baskets
    A rare thing indeed in this house. I really need to empty some… and I don’t mean onto the floor.
  6. Toasted asiago cheese bagels
    With onion and chive cream cheese! Soooo delicious! When the edges are golden brown, there’s a magic that happens. And they are consumed quickly. I may be drooling…
  7. The Panera bingo game
    At work, we’re currently undergoing a friendly competition with our sister stores, and each other. (Last I heard our location was winning! :D YAY!) The cashiers all get bingo cards at the beginning of the lunch hour and for each unique bakery item we persuade a guest to add on to their drink and meal, we mark one down on the card. Each bingo gets you a prize, and three bingos gets you a free meal! I’ve had several free meals this way. It’s a wonderful system that I am most thankful for. I have no idea what I’ll do when I have to actually pay for lunch again. Heehee. :)
  8. Asian eyebrows
    I used to hate my eyebrows. Seriously. It seems like all the prettier actresses, the makeup models, the hair color poster women, and even my friends have those nice arching eyebrows that show more expression than my… straight dashed… whatever you call ’em.

    Then I started watching a Korean drama, and I discovered something amazing! I’m not the only one with eyebrows like mine! I guess it makes sense, being that I have the almond eyes. Might as well have the eyebrows to match, right? And that’s not to say I didn’t find a lot of Asian eyebrows that were more arched and model-like as well, but it was a Korean actress who first opened my eyes (hah!) to the fact that my eyebrows aren’t freakish. :P

  9. 7 year old humor.
    My little sister is hilarious. I don’t think she means to be. Well, sometimes she does, but whether intentional or not, she says the funniest things! Sadly, no examples come to mind at the moment, but she’s been making me laugh all week. :)
  10. Parents who are all about staying up past 4am to watch a royal wedding.
    I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t care about such things, (uncultured swine, the lot of them!) but I’m quite proud to be able to say that I stayed up past 4 in the morning to watch the beautiful ceremony live. Then I took a nap and set my alarm so I could get up to see the kiss from the Buckingham Palace balcony. I’m returning to England next summer! I was obligated to do it! And I feel no regret. :D

8 thoughts on “10 Things Challenge

  1. I was going to leave this comment on your last post buuutt…..

    “The password doesn’t let people read any stories. I thought that’s what I’d use it for, but it ended up being more… not that. So yeah.” :) :)

    I hope you all have a wonderful “Banquet Sunday”! (WITHOUTME!) God bless you and your family Miss Bethie!

    ps I like the top ten thingie… :)

  2. I have never thought your eyebrows were freakish, Beth. Actually, I would not have even realized that they were “straight dashed” had you not mentioned it. But said straight dashed eyebrows are definitely not freakish. They are lovely and go very nicely with your pretty face!

    This post is a great idea, by the way. Gratitude is so very important!

    1. That’s nice of you. Thanks. :) And I’m glad I don’t think they’re freakish anymore. It was mostly during that awkward 15 year old stage for me. Worst year to be me. Ever. Such a confusing time. But I sort of forgot about my eyebrows for a while, then I saw that Korean actress and was all, “WHOA! Liiightbulb!” Hehehe.

      1. That’s funny; I LOVED being fifteen. When I turned thirteen, I wanted to be fifteen. When I turned fourteen, I still wanted to be fifteen. When I was fifteen, I loved it, and I didn’t want to turn sixteen. (But once I turned sixteen I liked my new age.)

      2. I always wanted to be 15, but once I hit it, it was kind of a disappointment. In all the period films, the most important things happened to girls at 15. For me it was just awkward and silly.

      3. Well . . . they’re period films. So you really couldn’t expect your own life to parallel them. Especially since, you know, they’re movies. ;)

        By the way, I love the new theme! Each post has links to the previous and next posts, which I always like in themes, and it allows for italics in the comments! Plus it’s pretty.

      4. Weeell… but you know… it could have. I’ve seen parallels to my life in movies before. Period films, even! But not when I was 15. :P

        It allows italics!?!?

        That’s it. I’m never changing this theme. :P Haha! I didn’t even notice!

      5. I think it’s only the themes whose comments are in italics to start with that don’t allow it. They don’t let you unitalicize with an “end italics” HTML tag. But with other themes the italics HTML tag works fine.

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