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Project Hair Grow – Month 8

Gah! I missed April! I kept meaning to get a good hair picture for April, but my camera was in the shop for a bit, and then I’ve been working so much that my hair always looks gross by the time I have time to take a picture, and on Sundays I’ve even been twisting it up out of my face because I’m lazy and it’s so much easier that way.

But have a slightly belated hair post!

Oh look! That’s the same shlumpy that appeared in the last hair post!

Apparently I like blue. Many thanks to the Hansonians who donated an unwanted hair straightener to me! :D

There’s another one of me I refused to post because it weirdly doesn’t look like me at all. And I can’t figure out why and it’s freaking me out. :P

Well now that I said something I feel I should post it so you can laugh at my ridiculousness or whatever.

I made it smaller because I don’t like it. It’s like… augh! Who is that woman-girl? I think it’s the creepy half-smile-thing. I must not have been trying hard enough for a certain expression, and this is my “whatever” look, which I do not approve of. Self, never make that face again. BAD SELF!

There I am!! That’s a ME picture! :D I know it’s hard to tell, but I’m the one on the left. ;) The other chipmunk there is Mosie. I love her.

I suddenly got hungry for Frosted Flakes. Hmmm.



3 thoughts on “Project Hair Grow – Month 8

  1. You’re so preeeettty. /end creeper moment.

    :D Your hair is SO LONG NOW!!! AGGGGHH I’m jealous. I need to do another hair-grow post.

    1. :D You are a nice creeper and I like you.

      I was thinking it FEELS SO LONG!! But then I roughly counted how long I’ve been growing it out, and it’s what…? Six months or more? So I guess… that’s kind of a long time? *shrugs* WHERE DID ALL THAT HAIR COME FROM!? :P

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