Sunday Morning YouTube

Okay, I’m two days late. (Technically, since it’s past 12am.) I can’t seem to keep track of my days, especially when my work schedule changes. If I don’t have to put day dots on newly opened yogurts, how am I supposed to know what day of the week it is?! “I ask you!”

Although I always know when it’s Sunday. :)

I admit, I have this hot and cold feeling towards Owl City. Most of the songs are too confusingly abstract. I like songs that are deep, but ones that I can make sense out of as I hum/sing along. Too much dissecting and the joy of music is stolen from me. Also, I’m not sure I like the style. But I found that Adam Young does hymns! Huzzah! And this is a rather pretty rendition of this song.

One of the most beautiful songs I think I’ve ever heard. Makes me cry, but leaves me peacefully happy. :)

Oh homeschooling. :D You were good to me.

This man is hilarious! “Solo! … okay!”

Meee? Have a nerdy side?? NO! :P

Amy Walker is amazing. I wish I had half her talent.


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