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Really Pathetic Confessions

  • I have two super short stories in the works  and I can’t even finish the sloppily typed crap drafts.
  • Today I was standing at my register and my eyes literally started to pool because I missed what I generically dubbed “Korean Drama.” That is truly pathetic. It’s been probably… 48 hours tops since I watched the last episode.And that intro cracks me up, because Min-Woo looks back and sees the girl from his past, and then poof! she turns into the Korean version of me, but with bigger ears. :P Then a bunch of cheesy scenes are shown. *sigh* I love it. :P
  • I don’t care if my raspberry lemonade Blistex isn’t the best stuff out there for my lips because it tastes good.
  • If I was Catholic they’d probably ask me to turn Protestant because I’d use my priest like a therapist.
  • I ran into the corner of Panera’s little fridge today. Twice.
  • If I had a nickle for every time someone called me “Stephanie” over the phone, I’d be rich. Well, maybe not in this economy… but I’d be richer!
  • I stayed up past 4am the other day. Not to watch the royal wedding (that was another day) but because I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the show “Baggage.”
  • I’ve sent about three library books back unread over the past two months. It kills me inside.
  • I can’t touch my toes.
  • My room has been the poster child for a tornado victim relief effort for the past six months, at least.
  • I wrote this blog right after I said I was going to finish those two stories. -_-‘


5 thoughts on “Really Pathetic Confessions

  1. Hahah! Yeah… I use lip-balm for its taste, too. I have this stuff that probably is actually not good for me– it makes my lips tingle– but it tastes SO lovely and it smells very vanilla-y. So yes. :D

    And the fail picture made me laugh out loud!

    1. I was switching out coffees at work yesterday and it came to me that I could have added “I have never been to Disneyland.”

      Yaaay for foodie lip balms! :D

      Ah well. That’s for another pathetic post. :P

      Hehehehe. I looked at a lot of fail pictures, but that one was just special. :)

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