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10 More Reasons to Give Thanks

  • 1. 90’s kid’s gospel tapes

I grew up on these things. They not only gave me a love for cheesy music and dancing, but also ingrained some pretty good morals in me as a child. Yeah, so I didn’t always follow the morals, but they were taught to me through these colorful tapes, nonetheless. ;)

A few of my favorite gospel kid’s praise tapes:

The Donut Man

Life without Jesus is like a dooonut! Like a dooonut! Like a dooonut! ‘Cause there’s a hole in the middle of your heart!

Mother Goose Gospel

I have not just all the songs on these tapes memorized, but all the dialogue too. When my little siblings watch them they get irritated because I say what the kids are going to say before they say it. :P

So that curly haired pushy girl is the Mother Goose Gospel version of Hermione Granger. She was my hero. I always wanted to be just like her. (Bossy. :P) Hehehe. I wonder what all those kids are up to now…

Skip to about 2:00 if you want to see… Oh my goodness! I remember Rodney! HAHAHA! Wow. This is too wonderful. I’ll be watching these clips for a while… Man, I gotta buy all of these!!!

Kid’s Sing Praise

Okay, if you watch nothing else here, you HAVE TO go to 1:18 of this clip and watch through to the end of the next song. It’s the most quoted praise clip and song EVER in our house.

When I was a kid, it was my dream to feature in one of these. :P Never quite worked out, but y’know… I had them dreams.

  • 2. The best managers in the world

Managers who give motivational notes on the bakery scores that say “You’re last! Yes!!”, bang on office doors to frighten me out of my wits, have everyone calling me “Little One,” play country music in the BOH, tell me they can see my bakery display job from their house so bewaaare, share their lincoln rolls with me… the list goes on. I never want to not work for these managers. They need to not leave. :(

  • 3. Order “dates.”

When a customer’s order is a significant date. 18.70 and 14.92 are the most prominent ones that make me excited. :D Can you tell whyyy?

  • 4. Cover songs

I’m all for tradition, but there are some songs that are just better when a new artist comes along and does it.

Just a Dream – Original artist; Nelly – Redone; Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie

I don’t even like the original, but this version I can’t stop listening to!!

Forget You – Original artist; C Lo Green – Redo; Gwyneth Paltrow and Glee Cast

The original isn’t even clean, it’s called something else entirely, and it’s sung from the guy’s point of view, so I like how Glee took the edited version and made it more relatable to… well, me. :P And it’s weird that my favorite Emma is singing this, but again, I can’t stop listening.

Let’s go get some tacos!!

  • 5. Weekends

I love going away from people and places so I can come back and feel like they’re new. :)

  • 6. The right kind of attention

When a friendly Sam’s Club store associate strikes up a conversation in order to make you linger in the food court as opposed to a poorly articulated smoker getting really close to your face to say they’re upset with the menu you had to offer.

  • 7. British accents.

I watched 5 movies yesterday. 5 whole movies!! All of which I had never seen before except A Knight’s Tale, which seemed new because of the person I watched it with. But I saw The Holiday for the first time! Jude Law as Graham talking about how he’s a “weeper” and explaining how he studied “literature” in the loveliest accent… *sigh* And little children with British accents… oh my. So adorable! The plan is now to marry a British man and never speak around our children until HIS accent is firmly established with them. :D

  • 8. Minis

My best friend and her family have a new car! Meet Mini!

Isn’t she the cutest little roundish car? Seeing it reminds me of Europe all over again; how the streets were all strewn with Minis. :) I’m so excited that they have one now!! :D I WANT ONE!!!

  • 9. Awards!!

Mara has awarded me out of the sweetness of her heart. :)

  • 10. Lemonade

I ran out a little while ago to get dinner. After four BBQ chicken wings and a plat of broccoli, I needed a drink. What should I find on the shelf, but a pre-iced glass full of delicious lemonade! So whoever left your lemonade on the shelf and hasn’t come to yell at me yet… thank you. Hehehe. :D


15 thoughts on “10 More Reasons to Give Thanks

      1. No, I’m not sure that any specific date was given in the book. I know a lot of people don’t like the movie because it’s so sentimentalized and deviates so far from its literary source, but since it started my obsession with the story, and musicals in general, it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

      2. Which reminds me, I have a question for the Phantom expert! In the original Phantom musical, OG had some sort of accident, so he wears a mask. In the book, was he just born ugly? That’s what I seem to remember, but I’ve been known to remember things wrong.

      3. Actually, in the musical (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, anyway) Erik is born with the deformity, same as the novel. It’s just that with the stage makeup and prosthetic from the movie, it looks a lot more like an acid burn or horrible accident than a birth defect. Also, in the musical, they never call him by his name. He’s always “the Phantom” or “angel of music” and the name Erik is not mentioned once.

      4. Oh, someone I was talking to was saying that in the musical he had an accident. Maybe it was a different one, or maybe she was just mistaken. I don’t know, I’ve only ever read the book.

        That’s interesting. Especially since in the book, he is not called “the Phantom” once!

      5. I know of one Phantom movie at least (I’ve seen a lot) in which Erik starts out as a professor of music, some Lord D’arcy villain steals his compositions, and when Erik goes back to the warehouse to steal them back, somehow acid gets splashed into his face. But in most of them, he’s born with it. In the Kopit/Yeston version, it’s because his mother tried to get rid of him by drinking poison when she was pregnant. :( Sad. Wow, I could go ooon and ooon…

        I know, right!? I think it’s really fascinating how the book is such an investigative/mystery novel and all the movies and musicals make it much more about the emotions of the Phantom. In the book he barely featured until the end, right? It was all Raoul, Christine, the Persian, and even the managers trying to figure out the puzzle.

      6. The musical movie is based on the Broadway. Same plot, same score, stylized slightly different, and the makeup/costumes vary. The tell-tale line in the Broadway and film goes, “A mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing” showing he was born with it.

        Not from lack of trying!! Some of them are very obscure and hard to get a hold of. I’m DYING to see the one that Leroux helped direct!! It’s lost, and probably damaged beyond repair because of age and improper storage, but it’s older than the 1925 Lon Cheney. I would so love to see it.

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