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Mara in her loveliness has awarded me

I’m so excited!! My first award!! :D :D :D
The Rules: (And I’m going to add: you only have to do this if you WANT to.)
1. link back to the person who passed you the award
2. share seven random things about yourself
3. award 15 blogs
4. drop them a note and tell them about it
The darling Mara of Eccentric Owl passed on to me this honor. And in return I honor her with linkage. :)

Seven Random Things Regarding Beth

  1. Saying nice things doesn’t come easily to me. It’s dreadful. I think I must get it from my grandpa who still struggles to say “I love you” but the nicest things that I usually say are “I acknowledge your work” “Huzzah!” or “Very nice!” My first impulse is to use a snarky retort. For everything. I’m more comfortable if we don’t have to be all touchy-feely. Let’s just… make fun of things and laugh. :) Laughing’s good.
  2. Something I discovered just last night: If I’m watching a scary movie with a friend who needs protecting from certain movie scenes, I’ll cover my ears instead of my eyes. I need to know when the scene is over so I can tell her it’s okay to look! I couldn’t hide my eyes! And it’s not like I covered my ears so I couldn’t hear. It simply felt like I was safer with some form of… caged… ness around my head. And it worked!
  3. Robin McKinley books make me sleepy. They’re my absolute favorite–I adore her books!–so don’t think this is in any way a slight to her writing. I think the dreamy quality of her fantasy books and probably the fact that I have a habit of reading before bed makes it inevitable.
  4. My favorite manicure is a really natural looking tip.

    For toes, bolder and brighter is best. My toes are currently a sparkly midnight blue.
  5. I don’t know that I’ve ever announced this on my blog, but I’m a PK; a pastor’s kid, for those of you who’ve never heard the expression. No one’s actually called me that ever, but I am one. :) And I really look up to my dad and love his preaching. I cried practically through the whole sermon today.
  6. I’ve recently discovered that I’m very competitive. When I start to lose, I don’t lash out at people around me, I just get really depressed. I almost cried at work the other day because my bakery add-on numbers were down. And I’d rather be dead last with no room for disappointment than somewhere near the top but not in first. Isn’t that terrible?
  7. I really, really can’t stand it when a woman pulls the “If you love me” stunt to make her man do something like lose a tournament or remove their mask. If the guy was giving something up because it was keeping him away from the girl in a negative way, fine. But this is like… sadistic women who want to test how far they can go. Jocelyn was just upset because she didn’t get her poetry. It’s not as if she actually gained anything from Will’s bruises. *sigh* They bug me. And the guys still go for them! Why?! Will someone explain this to me, please?

In Which I Award Not As Many As 15 Blogs

I don’t think I even know of 15 blogs total, so I’m listing 3–not even 5 like Mara. I know. Such a disappointment I am.
Without further ado, my picks are…
  1. Momma Bug’s Blog
    I find it fitting for Mother’s Day to post my favorite homeschool mom blogs. They remind me as a big sis not to sweat over silly things like messy rooms and smudged windows, but be thankful that all my siblings are growing up in a loving home with God’s grace being taught to them daily. And how can all those eager, happy little faces not make you smile? :)
  2. Joyful Heart’s and Faces
    This blog is by a dear friend of the family. We don’t get to see each other much anymore, but I love keeping up with her blog posts and seeing her kids grow–way to fast, I might add. Isn’t it funny how moms seem to have a natural talent for photography?
  3. Finding Joy
    To remind us all of God’s unfailing mercies and joy in the Spirit, and how rich His goodness in the gift of godly mothers.
Now I suppose I have to go tell these lovely people I’ve awarded them. It feels a bit strange since I’m used to silently following their blogs. Now I have to announce my stalkerish tendencies. :P
Hope you are all having a marvelous and rested Lord’s Day. God bless our mothers!
~B~ –<–<-{@

One thought on “Mara in her loveliness has awarded me

  1. Thanks for the award, Bethany! I am honored. Right now things are crazy but maybe in June I will pass it on. :-) And I just found Momma’s Bug’s blog too from a mutual friend (you probably know who) and love how she writes. Miss you!

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