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10 Things of Thanks

  • 1. The online library system.

It used to be that whenever I took a book back to my library, automatically they’d ship it to Central where it would either travel back to the library it hailed from, or my own location if I put it on hold again. A process that took at least two weeks. But they seem to have wizened up, because I took two books back (I exceeded renewal times) and got them put right on the hold shelf for me the same night. :D

  • 2. Travel packs of ibuprofen.

There are times in a girl’s life when she needs pills and she needs them bad and she blesses her mum for reminding her to keep her purse stocked well.

  • 3. Starbuck’s happy hour.

Half off frappuccinos! Need I say more?

  • 4. Finishing things.

Like blog posts about last year’s Europe trip. And one-shots. And fan fiction chapters. And regular story chapters.

  • 5. People who make me finish things

Like Betas. My best friend. And Kit.

  • 6. Romance.

Because despite it being ridiculous and annoying and completely inconvenient at times, without it I probably wouldn’t be a writer. :P

  • 7. Trees.

They make the sunlight bearable, and dapple things. Also, they give Sacramento and Paris something to have in common with each other. Maybe that last thing wasn’t such a great reason. I still like trees. :)

  • 8. Horizon chocolate milk.

It’s my drug. I’m obsessive about getting the last drops out of the bottom of the container. I take the straw out and squeeze it and slurp it like a piggy.

  • 9. Nail polish.

To hide my dreadfully chipped nails, and to keep my toes pretty. :)

  • 10. Boys.

Even the ones–okay, especially the ones–who order their food really politely by urgings from their mother and then at the end pipe up with, “Now shut your mouth!” to test a new phrase. I shouldn’t have laughed… but it was just. so. funny!


2 thoughts on “10 Things of Thanks

    1. Me too!! Well, you knew that. You read the post. :) But I like to just double confirm that you know that I love it too! Because dappled things are amazing!

      Hehehe. ;)

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