Friday Night YouTube

Yes, I realize I’m late again. Pretend it’s still Friday. :P

Ellie Goulding – Lights

I wasn’t sure I liked this song after the first few moments of singing, but now it’s one of my favorites.

Dear Reader

For fans of Harry Potter and humor.

One Man Disney Movie

This is so… weirdly amazing. I started it thinking, “No way in heck I’m watching all eight minutes.” I lied to myself. I like his Ariel voice better than Belle. And… he made “When You Wish Upon a Star” (a song I hate for no other reason than I just do) almost tolerable.

Except you kind of have to hate him (or I do) because he’s a better girl singer than I am.

Grenade – Bruno Mars

Hehehehe. This song makes me laugh. First real memory I have of it is scooping ice in the BOH at work and my manager singing along to it. He turned to me and with that perfect dramatic singing face goes, “BUT YOU WON’T DO THA SAME!”And then next time around I picked up a knife and sang, “I’d put my hand on a blade for yuh!” To which he said something along the lines of, “If you cut yourself, you can’t take the day off.” :P

Second, the line “Why were they open?” made me snork and then bust up laughing in the car when I heard it from the beginning for the first time.

Third, my siblings and I mock the heck out of it.

“If she did the same thing, they’d both be dead. How is that a good scenario?”

“I would be in a band for yuh! I would eat crunchy sand for yuh!”

“Yoou know I’d doo anythaaang, for yuh! Except stop playing Call of Duty!”

“Ripping breaks out of someone’s car sounds like fun.” -This from my 11 year old sister.

“…jump in front of a train…? Obviously he wrote this while watching Inception.”

Oh, and I do like the idea of this song. I mean, it’s a pretty good song for being modern pop…ness. But it still makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons.

The ipod Human

This is me at work. :P

Sunset of Gold – Lynn Hilary

My brother bought Lynn Hilary’s CD and played it for us in the car today. He said, “Tell me what other song this reminds you of.” I’m really bad at that. Usually my thoughts are way off somewhere else and he’s giving me odd looks like, “Not even close.” But I focused on the music and after a handful of seconds said, “Tangled!!” even before it got to the guy’s part. :) It’s pretty.


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