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10 More Thanks Things

Trying to make up for another last post. Gonna be short and sweet.

  • 1. Sunsets

  • 2. Clean bathrooms

Panera’s Restrooms > That Other Store. Despite the awkwardly placed stall that always looks closed.

  • 3. Pizza

Pizza is the answer. Except when pizza is the question. Then yes is the answer.

  • 4.

A blessing and a curse. But mostly a blessing. Today I bought an “Ultimate Visual Dictionary” because a writing blog said I needed it. And I concur.

  • 5. Sound theology

Without which I might have been out with the Camping followers waiting for The Rapture.

  • 6. Iced tea

Because you can’t miss tea time, even in the summer weather.

  • 7. Hair ties

They go missing like nobody’s business, but that’s part of what makes them…rare? :P Special? With my hair getting longer… slowly but steadily, these elastic ties are crucial to my work and sanity.

  • 8. Story inspiration

Even if it makes me write a bunch of filler that isn’t due chronologically for another two chapters at least! I wrote something without agonizing over every dash, dot, and simile!

  • 9. Friends growing up

It’s sad, but inevitable, but it’s also exciting. Like two good friends getting married, and another friend about to intern in New York! Do I feel left behind? Maybe. ;) Am I ecstatic, overjoyed, and over the moon for them? HECK YES!

*drools all over* So… much… beautiful…. I need a million dollars so I can buy everything in their magazines and still afford the England/Scotland trip next summer. :) I don’t ask much!


8 thoughts on “10 More Thanks Things

    1. O.O

      That’s it. You’re joining the bank robbing club. Another friend of mine is driving the getaway car so we can afford stuff from the Victorian Co. :D

  1. Have I said lately that you ARE me?? Seriously, everything on that list, holy crap.

    Especially about being a blessing and a curse… I spend most of my money on there… but that’s not the curse. The curse is when people don’t ship to NZ and you can’t find the book anywhere else!!

    1. You maaay have mentioned it once or twice before. ;) But hurray for twinsies!

      Oh good gravy, don’t I know it! I mean, I don’t have the shipping to NZ problem, but that just makes it easier for me to spend all my money with the excuse of “Oh, it’s so much cheaper than buying it new at the store!” It never occurs to me to just not buy it.

  2. I just discovered your blog and I love the idea of listing things you’re thankful for! It’s always a good idea to stop and think of all of the little things God has given me that I don’t necessarily think about all the time. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow the idea. :D

    1. Not at all! I’m always glad to have a new blog friend! :D And I won’t hog all the thankfulness for my own. ;) Heehehe.
      Have fun on my little site of snippets!
      I’m now following you from my Blogger site. :)

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