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Smells Good Enough to Eat!

I like beauty products that smell like food. Rarely do my nostrils make contact with an artificial scent I can tolerate that isn’t reminiscent of food. I completely ignore the entire perfume aisle. I don’t want to smell like some actress or clothing designer! Gross!

Maybe if Rachael Ray came out with a line of fragrances…. :P

Heeehee. I think it’s hilarious in Twilight how Edward ties to explain his blood lust for Bella as that of a person with a preference to vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate. Because I would be the sort of person to go walking around smelling like vanilla or chocolate ice cream. I hate to give Twilight credit for anything sincerely funny, but there it is. Honesty. =3

Some of my favorite foodie smelling things.

  • mark (Avon) Chocolate Mist
    I have a foreboding feeling they’ve discontinued this remarkable product and I’m too scared to look until mine is completely used up because I can’t take the heartbreak right now. It’s the ONLY fragrance I will wear. Honestly. I will not wear any other scent. Just this chocolate stuff.
  • Raspberry Lemonade Blistex

    Is this chapstick actually doing anything for my lips? Dunno. Do I care? No. Because it tastes like lemonade. In fact, it’s probably counterproductive because I’m always licking it off my lips. :P Oooh well.
  • Lush’s Sympathy for the Skin
    Bananas, vanilla pods, and cocoa butter. Putting this miracle custard on makes me want to eat my own hands. But in a good way! I mean, I would be attracted to me with this stuff. (I don’t know what I’m saying.) Oh yes, and it even does what it’s supposed to do, which is make your hands soft. :)
  • Secret’s Coco Butter Kiss
    It smells like coconuts and heaven! I got hooked on this when I took a stick to Europe on a whim. So now every time I whiff my deodorant, I think of European showers, early morning hours, and sweet smelling adventuring. :)
  • Glade’s Apple and Cinnamon
    What’s that? The house smells like apple pie? Well that’s because I’ve been baking all day in the kitchen! Psych! It’s Glade. And it makes me want to bake pies and cinnamon rolls.
  • Corn Dogs

    Seriously. Corn dogs. You want to tempt me? Wave a golden-browned corn dog fresh out of the fryer right under my nose. I will be your slaaaave for liiiife. *lip trembles* I want a corn dog now. Badly. I like to eat it with ketchup and mustard, nibble the crunchy part off the stick, then swirl the leftover condiments around the plate with the newly chewed stick. It’s like a ritual. (Sometimes–okay, every time–I also eat the ketchup and mustard off the stick.)

So yes. Anything food smelling is my friend. Vanilla candles, I love. I once had this candle that could have been a brown sugar cookie. In fact, I think that’s what it was called: Vanilla and Brown Sugar Scented Candle or something. Made my mouth water. *happy sigh*

Great. Now I’m hungry. -_-‘

Confession: I also like it when the car smells like burgers. But not when mixed with boys-that-were-riding-home-from-soccer-smell and burgers. Just burgers.


9 thoughts on “Smells Good Enough to Eat!

  1. I would love it if they would make a perfume that smelled like newborn babies!!!!

    Glad you showed the cocco butter kisses Secret. I will have to get some of that.

    I tried that Blistex and didn’t like it.

    I bought Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion not too long ago and was very dissappointed in the smell. I was looking for that really coconutty smell from the oil lotion of my long ago youth. I love that smell.

    1. I’d accept one that smelled like books!!

      I love it! It may seem strange to love a deodorant so much, but it makes not nice smelling things smell nice, so why not? :P

      I know a few people who don’t like that Blistex and/or say it’s not a good brand to use, but I can’t help it. I just love the lemonadeness.

      Awww. I always love the smell of sun tan lotion, but that’s sad it didn’t evoke the youthful memories. :(

      1. I don’t wear perfume, but I would if there was a perfume that smelled like books! Old books. Although that would probably drive off people rather than attract them. Still, at least I would like the way I smelled!

      2. I don’t like perfume in general. I really dislike flowery ones. They’re so… smelly. :P But that chocolate orchid stuff is the only fragrance I’ll wear. I mean, my other bath products have smells to them, but I don’t ever squirt flowery fake stuff on myself.

        Hey, it would attract other bookish people! I’d be like, “Ooo, you smell like wisdom and happiness!”

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