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A man with a nose

I live!!

Work continues to be a challenge, but it provides me with Europe funds and except for the more irate customers who seem only to be embittered by the heat, it is a lovely environment too. But you don’t want to hear about work!

I’m watching Kate and Leopold! :D Heehee. Thaaat’s more like it. I’d forgotten how wonderful I find this film. Victorian Duke meets modern girl and romance inevitably ensues. Yeah, my dream come true. Where do I get me a Victorian man?

But seeing Leopold (Hugh Jackman) in a certain profile shot made me think, “My, my, but that man has a fine nose!” And that’s not uncommon for me to think.

It makes a profile more distinguished. Somehow I associate it with eloquence as well.

Here are some pictorial representations of a distinguished nose. ;) Visual aid! (Or eye candy.) I mean, this is educational! It’s physiognomy! Which is totally a science!

There’s the man who started this post. Say “hullo” to Hugh Jackman, lllllllladies. He does many things in this movie of which I approve. Speaks like a literary character, smolders at the screen, wears turtlenecks and long black trench coats, rolls his sleeves up, and is like what Prince Charming would be if he had emotions. You know, like anger and disappointment and whatnot. <3

This wasn’t supposed to be an explanation of why my next fictional husband is him. But I’m entitled to some rambling. I did my duty to society this afternoon at the cafe! *sniffles*

I remember reading somewhere that when asked what women first notice about him, Ioan Gruffudd said his nose. :) I think that’s in his favor. He has a lovely nose.

As you can see, everything about Richard Armitage is swoon-worthy. But his nose totally plays a part in that.

Adrian Brody should play in a movie entitled: A Man With a Nose.

That’s it. I gifted womankind with this post and now I’m going to finish my movie.

I wonder if that’s Hugh Jackman’s real penmanship in that letter there…

Penmanship is another thing I admire. :) Heehee. But that’s for another post. At another hour.



6 thoughts on “A man with a nose

  1. I have always thought that Adrian Brody was cute. I like his nose.
    Also, you’re weird and I like you.
    And “A Man with a Nose” would be a great movie title.

    1. :D I like man-noses. *giggles madly* I love man-things. You put the word ‘man’ in front of anything and it becomes wondrously comical. Man-arms, man-feelings, man-snack. :D :D :D I’m giggling so hard right now…

      Okay… and I just proved your weird comment. :P HEEHEEHEE. Aw, I like you tooo! :)

      I think it should be a romantic comedy that somehow involves a struggling author!

  2. You live! :D I’ve been wondering when I’d hear from you.

    I very much believe in the importance of nice noses! After all, noses are in the center of the face, aren’t they? I’ve always been into noses. I have a big nose, and it’s my least favorite feature, so that could have something to do with it. But it’s also the center-of-the-face thing!

    *chuckles at your “man-” comment*

    1. I do!! Huzzah! Yesterday I realized I haven’t posted a Thankfulness list in a while, either. Bad me!

      Oh good! And yes, that’s all very true. Well I like bigger noses. As displayed in this post. :) Not that I mind smaller ones. But mine always had trouble holding up my glasses as a child because it’s a little stub of a thing and back then glasses were only the wiry kind. So they fell off my nose. A lot. I would have loved a larger nose back then. *sigh*

      Hehehe. man-words.

      1. Heh heh . . . my nose is big in a different way than these lovely man-noses. It actually looks like a different nose from the front compared with the profile, because it’s big in two ways—wide and long. Does that make sense?

        I had glasses too! They often slipped lower on my nose than was comfortable, so I had a habit of twitching my nose to shove them up. And then when I stopped wearing them, I would still sometimes feel phantom glasses on the bridge of my nose and would thereby twitch it. I wonder, does that happen with many other people?

        But, my nose being the size it is, I never had glasses slip off entirely! That would be quite amusing. Thank you for the entertaining mental images, Beth!

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