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On a Desert Island

When I get lazy I do surveys.

That’s a poor excuse. I do these for fun whether I’m lazy or not. :P

If You Were Stranded…

I think the rules are pretty self-explanatory so I feel no need to post any.

DVD: Lord of the Rings
I count the extended boxed set of the trilogy to be a “DVD.” It’s only fair. If I have to choose just one, I’d take The Fellowship of the Ring. Not sure why. Probably because I like beginnings. And Sean Bean. :)

TV Series Box Set: Teen Titans
I do love my crime dramas, (Psych, Bones, Criminal Minds…) but Teen Titans can be watched over and over and still hold the same joy as the first time around. Also, it wouldn’t make me paranoid to be alone in the dark on my island. :P

CD: Phantom of the Opera [Extended 2 Disc Soundtrack]
Since I suppose making a mix CD would be cheating. But if not, it would be part Broadway musical, part 80’s music, and part classical. With a bit of country.

Book: Chalice
Robin McKinley needs to publish a “Complete Works” edition, because choosing between Chalice and Sunshine is like choosing between your thumb and your ring finger.

Song: I See The Light -Tangled
My favorite song changes every other day pretty much, but since I used up my only movie to bring, I need this song to play the best scene over and over in my head. :)

Board game: Risk
Because if I’m playing by myself, I want something that can be used creatively while solo. (Is there a dinosaur version of Risk? That would be awesome.) And maybe I’d actually master the real rules in the meantime.

Drink: Horizon Chocolate Milk
This is assuming I have clean drinking water. Hm. Maybe assuming things is bad. Well, this is all hypothetical, so I’ll leave it be. :P These things are my drug. I would use them sparingly, even if I had an endless supply. I’d use them as self motivational tools and rewards for things like building a shelter and killing the giant bug I found in my shelter.

Electronic: Laptop
Even if I don’t get internet, at least I can type my stories. And all my music is on here, as are a few downloaded movies, so what do you have to say now, previous questions!? HAH!

Beauty Item: Razor
So I don’t become Dr. Zira.


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