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Things that make me want to write


I guess it’s because the light makes me awake and lively. With sunbeams shining through my window, it feels like great things should be getting accomplished. Kind of sucks for writing that I have all day hours on the job now. I get home and the light is just starting to desert me.

Em Dash

When I see em dashes–like this–it makes me go, “Ooooo… dialogue! Let’s get back to that one story!” Usually it’s Beauty and Payne. Because I use a lot of dashes in that.


Pastries (and food in general) are a motivational tool for just about anything. It’s the old dangling of the carrot. Except I wouldn’t write for a carrot. It would have to be high in cholesterol and preferably oozing some kind of cheese or sauce and not at all carrot flavored.


I strive against these because I fail them so often. But sometimes having a deadline enforced really does help. As long as I’m not caught on a day that I’m feeling particularly rebellious against … things in general. Because “things” will always extend to deadlines.


I love lists. Lists are great. Lists help me outline or plot or write… unless I get carried away in my lists to the point where I forget to do what’s on them.

Tunes & Lyrics

Don’t know what it is with Taylor Swift and random tunes/phrases from her songs, but two in particular acted like some kind of weird stimulant and got over 3,000 words written between them.

1. I never heard silence quite this loud.
-The Story of Us

2. Hope it’s nice where you are.
-Last Kiss


But those are not my only musical brain stimulants.

Lynn Hilary (former Celtic Woman)  sings great background music I can write just about anything to. Not that it’s merely background music. It’s lovely to pay attention to as well. :)

There are lots of other songs and stuff, but I’m getting lazier by the second, so it’s best this part ends before it gets any more lame.


NOT the Korean Drama called
Summer Scent

Enough said.



7 thoughts on “Things that make me want to write

  1. I tried to watch “Summer Scent” and found that the only thing that it may be good for is to force people who are contemplating suicide to actually commit suicide! Other than that….. :)

    1. *snork* Well, I never said it was amazing. I just… can’t stop watching it! I’ve got this far… might as well see it through to the end.

    1. They do! I love coffee with writing! Unfortunately I start my writing sprees so late that coffee would be a horrible idea. Work makes demands of me. :P

  2. Because “things” will always extend to deadlines. You are funny. ;)

    Reading makes me want to write. Only certain books, though. I’m fine with most books, but sometimes I have trouble reading them because I start reading and then want to go write! I suppose that’s a good thing, but often I’m in a situation wherein I’m unable, for whatever reason, to go and write, so the writing urge doesn’t accomplish anything but distract me and slow down my reading. Such a shame, because writing urges are so lovely!

    1. Heehee. I admit, I do amuse myself sometimes.

      Oh me too! I know exactly what you mean! And sometimes I read really amazing books that make me want to write but because they’re so good a little voice inside my head says, “What’s the point when THIS brilliance is already published?” And that’s a bad thing… a crippling thing… to think.

      I LOVE writing urges, especially when I have writing implements in front of me! :D

      1. Writing urges are wonderful feelings! Their excitedness makes me feel like a pot of honey bubbling over. (If you’ve ever tried boiling honey, you’ll understand this analogy. It’s a somewhat frightening experience.)

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