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Stupid On Purpose

When I’m feeling petulant or a dangerous combination of hyper and bored, I make people explain things they don’t have to. I pretend the obvious is not obvious. Why? Because it amuses me.

It causes conversations like this to occur:

Bro#1: *playing the Wii* Dogfight!!
Bro#2: No, not dogfight mode!
Me: That’s right. No dogfights. Dog fighting is illegal, not to mention cruel.
Bro#1: No, we mean dogfight in planes.
Me: Dogs can’t fly planes. That is also illegal and very dangerous.

No one laughs–except for me–because it isn’t that funny. And yet, I am amused and I continue to do it.

Jonathan: Toss me the ketchup.
Me: *literally tosses it*
Jonathan: What are you doing??
Me: Exactly what you told me to.

Mum: *with a rebellious son* Preston, you are not allowed to do this every Sunday!!
Me: Can he do it every other Sunday?

When I was in Europe my parents kept in contact through an international phone mom set up for me. When the hectic rush of touring kept me from communicating as often as they would have liked, mum made sure to prod me a bit.

Mumsie: Haven’t heard from you in a while. Please text.
Me: (At 4:00 AM their time) Hi. I’m on a bus.

And yes, I knew it was 4 in the morning their time. I’m a horrible daughter sometimes. It’s a wonder they still love me.

But now it’s my work mates that have to deal with my purposeful stupidity.

Coworker: Hot racks! Hot racks! Coming through! Hot racks!

Dave: *pointing to dirty floor* What’s this?
Me: That’s a dirty floor, Dave.

Haley: Do you have a pen?
Me: Yes.
Haley: … Do you have a pen I can use?
Me: Yes.
Haley: … May I use it?
Me: Yes.
Haley: Now!?
Me: Of course! Why didn’t you just ask?

Most of my coworkers already know about the fateful audit day. But I might as well repeat the conversation here as well. It’s become legendary. And this touches on the borders of actual stupidity, so have fun with it. :P

Audit Guy: Where’s the emergency meeting point?
Me: Outside.
My Boss: What’s outside?
Me: The parking lot.
My Boss: And what’s past the parking lot?
Me: The… horizon!

Yep! All my fellow associates should know, if the building catches fire they can meet me at the horizon.

But it really doesn’t help when you have equally silly coworkers.

Matt: So, Bethany, what’s the hardest drink to make?
Sean: Your mom’s the hardest drink to make!
Me: You’re the hardest drink to make.
Sean: Seriously, Matt, those drinks, they’re all the same.
Me: YOU’RE all the same!! *huffs* Men.

And just to top it all off, an episode from roughly twenty minutes ago at the dinner table…

Fortune Cookie: A wish will be granted after a long delay.
Me: *long pause* …. HEY GUYS, I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!


9 thoughts on “Stupid On Purpose

    1. Well I couldn’t remember if that’s what you said, or if you’d asked not to be invited to the wedding! Knowing us, it could have gone either way.

  1. OH MY GOSH! I do that too! People get so annoyed at me. But you’re very amusing! I was laughing a lot. I like the dirty floor one. And the pen one. And the horizon one. And of course that last one was excellent!

    1. Heeheehee! Great minds! ;) Those are my favorites too! Well, exchange the pen one for the “your mom” joke. I mean… I love it when other people are as dorky as I am. :P

      I’m still waiting on that last one! :D

  2. Sometimes I forget if I have an intelligent and witty sister…then i read these things and think…”I wish I had an intelligent and witty sister.” Haha…jk. I love you Beth. <3

  3. By the way…I hope you do not mean any offense to the club penguin ambassador who was wearing the wrong shirt at the wrong time. :(

    1. No, no! Of course not! Never! He was merely being helpful in illustrating my point. The profundity of it is that he IS smart, and he’s pretending to be stupid. Just like me in this post. :P

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