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Friday Night YouTube

Usually I cheat and say it’s still Thursday since I haven’t gone to sleep yet, but because I want it to be Friday this time, I’m posting now and saying it counts. I have a busy weekend ahead of me with work, watching Game of Thrones, consuming Kahlua cake, and going to a Renaissance Faire, so here you go, lovelies. :)

Lazy Town

YAY IT’S LAZY TOWN! :P And yes, I’m a creepy person who always wanted Sporticus and Stephanie to be a couple. GASP!! I should look up fan fiction! :P Also, take note that these are some of the only “fake people” I’ve ever watched. Never saw more than one episode of Mr. Rogers because the puppets scared me half to death.

Swan Princess

Back in the day, this was the most beautiful love story I’d ever seen. I mean… of course it still is! Don’t know what I was thinking, speaking in past tense. ;) Sometimes I scare my coworkers because they’ll mention some obscure animated film and I’ll sing the entire theme song to it. Hehe. I know all the songs to Swan Princess. *proud grin* :D

Mr. Blue Sky – Duncan James Ice Dances

Okay, this is too good to pass up. Duncan James, British pop star (why yes, I purchased his music) ice dances to a favourite song of mine. E.L.O was/is a huge part of my life. Dad always played their albums in the car during road trips (the only “secular” music he listens to) and I love them quite muchly. :) And I also LOVE ice dancing! So it’s a win-win-win! Hee.

Go to 1:45 on the video if you want to skip to the dancing. But you might as well have a taste of the accent while you’re watching, eh? ;)

And in case you missed that, I love, love, love, love, love this song! It fills me with squee.


Because I secretly want a guy who will frolic on the beach with me and wear goofy penguin hats. Oh, did I say secretly? Yeah, that’s so not a secret. :P Buuuut… he needs a haircut.

Of course I couldn’t pass this one up….


For original song, go here.

Cat Plays I Spy

Lois and Clark

Yay, Mum and I are on Season 2!! BUT NO YAY FOR FAKE JIMMY!! *weeps* I miss old Jimmy. :(


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