Friday Night YouTube

H20: Just Add Woodah

It’s a little bit pathetic how much I love(d) this show. It’s quite intoxicating. Like cheap wine. And I am now using it as a coping method for unreasonably sad episodes of Game of Thrones where characters I was attached to don’t survive the broadsword politics.

I dare you to listen to that song upwards of  3 times a day and not get it in your head. For anyone at work who wonders what I’m singing when I say, “The mehmaid theme song!” this is it.

Except we recently went through Season 2 where everything is bonkers. I hate Charlotte. Hate her so much. Airy-voiced little boyfriend-stealing red-head of SHAME! *sniffles* Lewis and Cleo belong together. (She really does upset me a lot.)

Well, enjoy Rikki singing karaoke to end on a high note. ;)

Teen Titans

I miss the Teen Titans. A lot. I’m due for a marathon.

Paul Byrom Jigs

To skip to the jig, go to 3:55. Not the best quality, but fun, nonetheless. :)

I find that although I don’t watch shows like Dancing with the Stars, I have a knack for finding videos of celebrities dancing. For those who are unaware, that’s Paul Byrom of Celtic Thunder fame.

Alex Reads Twilight

Beware language. And general inappropriateness. But this is tremendously funny. :D

“I was mugged!” “What did he look like?” “He was tall with bronze hair!”

Brilliant. Hehehe.

Dad Cop 2

Don’t remember how appropriate or otherwise this is; just that it’s hilarious and I giggle just thinking about it. :P

“Well you’re …. off the FACE!”


4 thoughts on “Friday Night YouTube

    1. Oh man, I was just rewatching Chapter 8-9.
      “What’s happened so far is that a forgettable protagonist has a crush on a boy who is a vampire. And a recent summary is that she’s going shopping with some girls.”


      My best friend wants to marry him. And I’ll marry Charlie. Maybe we’ll find ’em in London next summer. Hehehe.

    1. The very beginning of that video, there’s some pretty blatant innuendo, but if you go to 12 seconds, it’s over. Aaand… well, there is language. He drops the F-bomb quite a bit in later chapters. And says sh** a lot. I’d say rated R for everything except visuals.

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