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Project Hair Grow – Month 10

Okay, I took different pictures in various times during the month of June for my hair. But none of them were quite… well, I guess I try too hard sometimes. I just need a decent picture of my hair! That’s all!

So in an effort to be more… me… without the added pressure, I dug up a June picture of me (with my hair down) after a day of work. No makeup, either. You’ve been warned. ;)

Oh yeah. Deer in the headlights look. :P

And I did finally get my bangs trimmed! Beauty school. That’s the secret. I can afford to pay those girls who are just starting out. And they do a great job! It takes a little longer because they want to be really careful, but I paid $7 for a full shampoo/cut/style. Pretty snazzy!

There. My bangs.

My camera is going through a phase right now where it takes really bad, glowy pictures.

Also, this should actually be June’s post. Because I kept putting this off. Because I’m lame like that.


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