Friday Night YouTube

This is horrible, but it makes me laugh.

Hmmmm. Kill the dollar bill?

Personally, I love pennies. But I also have a tender spot in my heart for cripples, bastards and broken things. **quote alert**

Sometimes I think to myself, “I should really make videos again.” But then I see things like this and realize I don’t need to. Because this is basically what I intend on doing before the director/best friend/makeup artist comes in and edits to make it… not this. :P

Not gonna lie. That’s what goes through my brain 90% of the time. Also, out of loyalty to my best friend, I hate this girl for spending time with Alex Day (nerimon) in Africa. Since he is future husband of said best friend.

Aaaand… undeniable proof that I have a YouTube twin….

Thus concludes the reason I don’t vlog or make videos anymore. She’s basically me, but prettier and with better equipment. :)

Same YouTuber, a more mellow, pretty, soft, visual…ness.

And mum and I finished Lois and Clark Season 2 and the first episode of 3!! If y’all haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. It’s the only Superman I stand by. Cheese fest, sometimes, but that only makes it more wonderful.

I hate stupid YouTube that cuts off the last few seconds, visually speaking. Because his face after that is priceless. :P

Watching this version of Pride and Prejudice, too. It’s… hehehehe. Well, it’s different. I hate their costumes most of the time. Mr. Darcy is a robot. Lizzy acts very smug sometimes, but she’s not horrible–yet. And Mary is Miss Awkward Beth. Me. At my worst. That’s her.




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