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7 Songs I Hate but Love To Sing

There can be nothing offensive about this image because it's from School House Rock. Which is a kids' show.

Tell me I’m not the only one with a list like this.

I have no great love of most modern music. Most songs are absolutely ridiculously eye-rolling-ly obnoxious. However… they’re also super catchy. And somehow when you sing them really loud to annoy other people, or head-bang to them in the car to freak out the driver next to you, they become almost… likable.

What can I say? Mockery makes the heart grow fonder.

7. My Life Would Suck – Kelly Clarkson

It’s 7th on the list because it doesn’t annoy me and I don’t hate it. It’s just fun to sing really loud to your best friend when she’s not paying enough attention to you. :P

6. Hot n Cold – Katy Perry

Again, this song isn’t really loathed by me. It is what it is. A song to make fun of guys with. And to sing anytime temperatures at work are questioned.

5. Pocket Full of Sunshine -Natasha Bedingfeld

It’s so annoying. As said in Easy A: “Worst song ever.” And yet it begs to be sung! Like this, mostly. And at work. I’ve heard it both ways.*

4. Apologize – One Republic

I would never listen to this song and enjoy it as… music. :P I would, and do, however, frequently sing it whenever it’s “too late” for anything, or someone apologizes.

3. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve sung this to my brother. For no reason whatsoever. (Excluding the “I could be your girlfriend” part. There are limits to my creepiness. I know that shocks you.)

2. 7 Things – Miley Cyrus

Who can resist getting super uncomfortably close to a person and going, “Sha! Sha! Sha!” I know I can’t! This song is absurd. Horrible, even. But it’s so much fun to sing. Ugh.

1. Friday – Rebecca Black

I will spare you the details. The title/artist is self explanatory.

*Quote alert!!


3 thoughts on “7 Songs I Hate but Love To Sing

  1. AHH! Bad song alert! It’s embarrassing that I know most of these! But, yes, I totally agree with you about some of these being terrible but awfully fun to sing. “Some of these” for me includes My Life Would Suck, Hot N Cold, Apologize, and Girlfriend. The first is the only Clarkson song that I kind-of-almost-like, just because it’s so catchy. (The lyrics are painfully silly, though.) The other three are just annoying but fun to sing. And I am kind of shocked to know there are limits to your creepiness. ;)

    I don’t find Pocketful of Sunshine fun to sing. Just incredibly obnoxious. I don’t know the last two songs, thank God, though unfortunately I’ve heard of both of them.

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