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Dear Memory

Letter Challenge Day Twenty-Four–The Person That Gave Me My Favorite Memory

I deem this a cruel, cruel challenge. After Europe last summer, trips to the ocean with the family, all the hilarious escapades I’ve got into since having a job… hey, since I was two years old chasing lizards with dad which is the farthest back I can remember, there’s no way I could pick one person who’s given me my favorite memory. It’s not going to happen. So blame this terribly worded title-of-a-challenge for the next bunch of paragraphs.

A totally irrelevant picture! Yay!

Dear Gerrik,

Is that how I spell your name? I never know. Some days it’s Gerric, others Gerik or Gerrik. I do recall how you were named. You were deemed moody in the way Gerard Butler’s version of  The Phantom is.

Gerard + Erik = You. Whatever way I spell it.

I can’t say you’ve never given me a favorite memory, because without you there wouldn’t be the amusement of fan fiction, the ease of 7,000+ word conversations with amazing people, the gut-wrenching, soul-squeezing travails of adding to Word documents, or the ups and downs of Facebook drama. Yet it seems more accurate to say you’ve stored my favorite memories. Yes, I’m thinking about the PDF files that may or may not see the light of day. Ever.

Like the Lorna Doone film which is not to be mourned. That one shall always be kept in a very special place in my heart. Along with the memory of that car accident on my sixteenth birthday. It’s that kind of special. Yes, you were a good computer and killed Lorna Doone for us during one of your many memory wipes. (Like Lloyd Webber’s cat who tried to kill Love Never Dies, only I was wiser than he and accepted the killing.) You’re like a Star Wars droid. Every now and then I advance too many plots and your memory has to be erased so the Sith won’t find out my secrets.

Or maybe you’re just old and have the computer version of Alzheimer’s.

Whatever the reason, I’ve nearly lost you several times. *violent shudder* And being that you store every important writing document I ever put effort into, it was not even remotely okay. …Speaking of which, I should back up all my files again. Oh flashdrive, where art thou!?

I hope you remain in good health for many moons to come. We have a novel to finish this year, you and I! (And the last season of H2O to finish.) Let’s not get lazy now!

And yes, because the inventors of this challenge were silly and gave me an impossible challenge, I’ve just written a letter to my computer. Thanks a lot, twenty-first century. You’ve made me that person.

How about a song to make me feel more human!

[Yours Truly, 2095] –Electric Light Orchestra


-a part of a computer in which information is stored for immediate use by the central processing unit


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