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Fairly Excellent


My grandparents travel a lot and when they’re gone, they usually go for longer than a year at a time. So when they’re around, we do things with them as much as we can. This does mean clearing the schedule of other things such as writing and thinking up entertaining posts. And I’ve never requested so many days off work before!

Last week, they took my brother and me to the State Fair, and just for you bloggy friends I’ve chosen some of the highlights of the day to be shown.

In which I am a dopey American with Clark Kent shades, and my brother goes with the Scotland vibes.

My hat fit my gramma better than the ones at the fair, so Grampa bought me this one and we traded.

I have to admit, this is an awesome looking sound system.

I have taken the liberty of highlighting the best song on this list. :)

Grampa and I had a bit of an identity crisis while there.

I love to look at birdies. ^.^

This was one special chicken.

And I found my animal twin!

The only spider I can tolerate is a blatantly fake one.

Found the Batman symbol in a giant whale tail constructed with “scrap metal, actually.”

And Pacman and the Superman symbol, too!

I love them quite muchly. <3

I love wallabies!! Or, I mean: woollahbeez. Deengoh baybeez mayte!

Call me… Khaleesi.

Prettiest thing I found in the shops. Oh yes. J is for Jonathan. *eyebrow quirk*

I did a picture like this the last time we were there. It’s sort of tradition now. Someday it’ll be true!!

He is quite proud of his bottle balancing skills. And funnily enough, the gelato seller was very impressed by them, too. My brother’s response: “Yeah, he doesn’t get out much. He’s been stuck at that stand all day.”

And there you have it! Stay tuned for the next hugely pictorial post documenting a day at the lake.

Farewell, duckies!


9 thoughts on “Fairly Excellent

  1. 1. I can’t say I’ve heard the song you highlighted, but I am pretty sure I like Dream On better. :P

    2. I love the animal twin picture!

    3. “Deengoh baybeez mayte!” Um . . . help me here with translation, please?

    4. You look lovely, Khaleesi.

    5. I fully agree about Jonathan’s prettiness.

    6. Aaaand . . . I’m glad you had a fun time at the fair!

    1. No way! I love ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and Mr. Blue Sky is a classic!! Of course, I grew up with my dad playing their albums on road trips where I had some very happy times, so I’m probably biased by experience. :) But they’re the only “secular” band my dad still listened to after he became a Christian, and he even went to one of their concerts as a teenager.

      “Dingo babies, mate.” :P It’s a line from a tv show where a character fakes a really bad Australian accent.

      Hehehe. Thank you. And I think it’s funny that one of my brothers is named Jonathan. :P

      1. Why’s secular in quotes?

        Sorry, I had to say that! Dream On’s on that list and I love Dream On. So even if I would listen and really like it, I would probably disagree about it being the best.

      2. Because my father’s and my idea of what’s secular is can differ a little sometimes. But not by much.

        Fair enough! :) Hehehe… get it? Fair. Because… okay, it wasn’t that funny. :P

      1. I’ll try to listen when I can. (Video/audio never loads properly on my computer, so I have to wait for the next time some other computer is available. That’s why my comments on YouTube things are often quite a bit late. If you’re wondering.)

      2. Ah, yes, that is a really good song! I still like Dream On better, but this is very good. The music at the end is especially amazing.

        I’d definitely call this secular.

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