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Friday Night YouTube

I’m even slipping behind on the easy posts that take little effort except to copy and paste the link of stuff I’m watching!

I’m an insufferably lazy woman and I apologize.

I’m really excited to share this video with you! It’s performances like this–quirky, colorful, and madly talented–that made me start Friday Night YouTube. Or was it the cat video? :P I can’t remember.

Spontaneous Me – Lindsey Stirling

I want to be her. *sigh* Why don’t I have a talent like that?

Piano Guys

These are utterly amazing. Watching all these musically gifted people always makes me sad. Because I have zero musical talent.

I could watch these on loop, just to stare at the guy’s hands flying across the keys like that. Oh whoops. Forgot to close my mouth. Now I need a drink!

This one I’m challenging Best Friend to learn. :D He has to do it with the robes and everything.

And in keeping up with that theme, I absolutely had to share this…

The Cutest Scene Almost Ever

The Interview

Okay, so it’s a bit… crude. And creepy. But this video helped me calm my nerves for each of my job interviews. I just imagined the questions would be like this and the real questions ended up being super easy after that. :P

Jane Eyre – Timothy Dalton

Diaaaalo000guuuueeee!!!! Well-delivered, character developing, period-dramaesque diiiiaaaal0ogueeeee*drooooooooooooooooooooooolls* <3 Sorry, Mara. This is my Mr. Rochester. ;) But at least we don’t have to fight!

Doo Wah Diddy

This song is in my head, so you all have to listen to it and get it in your heads as well. :P

And yeah, I’m watching THAT version of Jane Eyre and yet THIS song is in my head. That’s how I roll.


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