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Friday Night YouTube

An exposé on my deep inner feelings towards my food.

I’m Not Crying
An emotional journey by Flight of the Conchords.

Firing Squad
“If you dare!”

Movie Pitching Guy
I have a feeling this is how most movies get made.

Never Song
An educational one for the kids!

H.R. Pufnstuf Introduction
This scares the crap out of me, but I’m cruelly mesmerized by it. Not for the faint of heart. It may look like an innocence children’s… puppet show of sorts, but it’s frightening! It’s like… whyyy did this exist? Ever? And why am I watching it now!?

Dr. Who is Casually Awesome
I have now reached the “Tennant Season” of Dr. Who. I love him, but Eccleston will be missed. *moment of silence* Anyway! This had me in stitches! Unfortunately, that’s another woman in Rose’s body, but it’s the Doctor’s comeback that kills me.

I’m also still watching that Korean drama Summer Scent (Episode 17 and the girl finally put two and two together!) but I won’t torture you with clips.


5 thoughts on “Friday Night YouTube

  1. 1. I love 30 Rock!
    2. AAAAAHHH Flight of the Conchords! EEEEEE!!!
    3.WKUK = hilarious.
    4. Weird kid puppet show is weird.
    5. That was one of my absolute favorite moments in Doctor Who. Hehehehehe. Unfortunately, I got bored with David Tennant after a few seasons. I can’t wait till you see Matt Smith! AH! Yes.
    That is all.

    1. :D :D :D :D


      Re: #5. I keep replaying it because I can’t figure out how Tennant stayed so perfectly… unmoved until the last part and it makes me laugh every time!! I love how nothing seems to affect the Doctor and even when something insane is going on and you think he’s in the dark, he knows all about it, he just doesn’t let on that he does until halfway through the episode when he’s like, “By the way, what did you do to Rose?” like he really has known the entire time! It’s brilliant! GAH! I love him. :D

      Aww, bored?! I know there’s a bit of a fan-debate going on regarding which Dr. is best, but I was so in love with Eccleston that I was sure I wouldn’t like Tennant, but now I’m so in love with Tennant’s version that I’m sure I won’t be able to accept Smith. :P So we’ll see. I don’t do cast change well, but since he’s the same Doctor, really… but not… I seem to do okay. So far. ;)

      1. Haha, Tennant does have really good comedic timing. Really good. But so does Smith! You have to tell me as soon as you see him what you think. And watch from his first episode, because otherwise… he doesn’t make as much sense. :D

        I did, it was weird! After I watched Matt Smith, especially, I went back to watch some of the Tennant episodes I hadn’t seen and I just got bored with him.
        Although that might just be me and my short attention span.

      2. I will! And I’m going in order because I NEVER listen to people who say, “Oh, it doesn’t really matter; you can watch from any given episode because there’s not really a continuous storyline.” That’s poppycock. Even if they’re just jumping back and forth in time and nothing resembles a plot (which it does sometimes) the main reason I watch ANYTHING is for character development. I will start at Episode 1, thank you very much, and continue onward. :) Of course, I started this at Episode 1 of the 2005 series, so technically I broke my own rule, but that’s different!!!

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