Friday YouTube and waaait for iiiiit…

On Sunday something happened to me that’s kind of a big deal. I don’t want to spoil the fun now because I won’t have a picture to demonstrate the full ensemble of this… thing until tomorrow sometime, so hang in there.

I’d have you all guess but I’m thinking those of you who know me in a face-to-face way probably know already, and the rest of you probably wouldn’t know even if I gave clues because it pertains to something work-related and specific.

Now that I’ve taunted you with a surprise, here’s what I’ve been up to in between my 36 hour work week!


My best friend has taken away all hope of productivity when I’m not on the clock by introducing me to Parks and Recreation. To give credit where credit is due, our friend Anne introduced her to the show, or at least got her to finally watch it. So yes. We’re both hooked. I’ve watched about as many hours of that show as I’ve worked this week. Maybe not quite. But a lot.

This makes me laugh every time. The Tom Face! He looks like a muppet! I want this face on my phone. To make me grin. All the time.

This is sort of awesome and funny at the same time because I have a manager named Matt who’s danced competitively. I mean, immediately when I saw a guy dancing in a video I thought of Matt. And that’s his name, so it’s all connected. Except my manager says, “I dance way better than him.” I’m sure it’s true. I’ve seen his Back of the House spin. :P

Because I couldn’t leave you without another cheesy cartoon opening. I never saw so much as an episode of this. Even I have my limits.


I’ll leave you with this…


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