Pretty as a Picture

This is one of those times that I have so many words I should be writing elsewhere, yet I still feel it would be nice to post something here tonight. So I think the picture questionnaire should have a comeback.

But first, let me share some lovely news! I got a package from The Victorian Trading Company today!

One thing is a present for a friend so I can’t post it here, but I am now in possession of a very lovely robe.

Why yes, I do own this gorgeous cotton specimen.

And does anyone recall the last picture post where I presented images of an entire outfit and these boots were included?

Well I bought myself a pair of very-similar-ones. :D

Yes, those would be the white. :D

I’m so happy! I love finding packages on my bed! Especially from VTC. All the clothes have these pretty little tags with vintage ladies on them and a few charming paragraphs on elegance and fashion.

Even the “Fragile” sticker was pretty!

And then they send you a handful of magazines with so many lovely things that you must squeal (in a very ladylike manner) at every page. Squeal, I say!

Oh yes, and did I mention they sent me a sonnet? Two, as a matter of fact. Both on the same page, but that is not the point.

I’m simply thrilled to have found a source for delightfully old fashioned things. Their items are all rather pricey, but with my black hat salary, I don’t mind paying extra for quality and class.

Ah yes. Now onto the questions that I made up myself because I was dissatisfied with other people’s.


What is one full outfit you wish you had?

You can actually buy the gown on Etsy for $170. But please don’t because I’m contemplating doing so. :P If you want to buy it for my birthday (*coughs*October 18th*coughs*) feel free to click on the picture and ask for my shipping address!

What is something that is sometimes valued more when it’s missing?

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?

What are you reading right now?

What are you writing?

What. Else. Is. There?

What has your day been like?

What sort of room do you want to kick back in?

What’s something you wish you could get away with?

How do you feel in this exact moment?

So I cheated. That’s a video, not a picture. But it shows what I mean. :P


9 thoughts on “Pretty as a Picture

  1. LOL! “baba booey”. The expression and voice tone… so hilarious!
    I need to buy something from The Victorian Trading Co. Like… now. OH goodness. Wow. I’m so jealous of your beautiful robe and shoes!

    1. He was drunk. :P And it’s even more hilarious to me because Ben is the uptight guy who never does anything rash or … well, drunkenly. Oh, Parks and Recreation. How you have won me over. I also find Ben (Adam Scott) strangely and irrationally attractive. It doesn’t make sense to me, but he’s adorable. :P

      For not so expensive things you should try the wax seal set or stationary… ooo wait!! I’ve seen some amazing owl pendants in their magazines! I wonder if they have them online…
      Every time I see this one, I think of you…

      1. Oh, I LOVE that one. (The amulet.) It’s so gorgeous… sigh. I love Owls. :D

        Haha, isn’t it weird when that happens? There are characters that are weirdly attractive… for seemingly no reason. So I understand. It’s happened to me. :D

    1. Hurray, faithful follower! :D

      I do now! I don’t buy a whole lot of fancy things for myself. So when I splurge and buy expensive lovely things, I’m very proud of it. :)

      Yes, those are Cocoa Pebbles! <3

      Hehehe. Thanks. I found it more expressive than a picture.

  2. Congratulations on your new black hat status!
    And those boots are GOR-GEE-HUS! :P They even condone caps lock… (PS. I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes, trying to think of the right word that I know begins with an r, but eventually decided “condone” will have to do! Sometimes a love for words does not help at all :D .)

    1. Thank you, thank you!! *bobs head*

      EEP! I love them so! I want to find an outfit to wear them with, but I don’t have any non-costume clothes they would go with at the moment…

      Ooo, now you got me wondering! Reconcile can’t be it… recompense, regard, regulate… I’m just going with ‘r’ words that don’t even make sense in the context. Sanction doesn’t start with r. Hmmm. I’m not helping. :P Oh well. I tried.

  3. I really like Basic 4 cereal….but most especially I love this granola that I found a few times at Costco but has mysteriously disappeared. :(

    I’ve just started writing in a notebook that I received as a gift. Instead of writing about my days like a journal, I’ve decided to give this project a more interesting turn and just write about things that interest me. Because, aren’t those the more interesting things all around? Who wants to read about someone’s day from start to finish? Not the boring details anyway, and I used to actually be compelled to write those down. O.o

    But HERE’S something that might interest you – what I’m reading! It’s called “What Can She Do?” by Edward Roe. I was charmed by it’s appearance because it’s an old book, published in 1900, that I discovered in a little Antique shop in Oregon. I’m about halfway through and I love it! It’s so well written, and the story reminds me of Pride and Prejudice, although I believe Jane Austen wrote before. It also is very obviously Christian. I recommend it to you! Here’s a site I just found with what looks like the entire book typed out, so you may check it out for free if you wish:


    1. Aw, how sad!! I’ve had several delicious items disappear from shelves, although I think they came back in some form or another before too much time had passed. One was a favored brand of potstickers. They make the best sauce for them!

      Oh goodness! That reminds me of how far behind I am in my journal-keeping! I don’t know, sometimes the seemingly mundane things end up being the most beautiful and fascinating to look back on when you’ve gone three or four years beyond those fleeting moments. I’m always surprised by what I’ve forgotten in my past whenever I pick up an old journal or skim old messages. I suppose an hour-by-hour record isn’t all that compelling, but it could be in fifty years from now. ;)

      Oooh!! I just read the Preface and skimmed the contents and first paragraph! It looks lovely! I will definitely read this in my spare time. Thanks so much! Have you ever read The Vicar of Wakefield? It was written before Austen’s novels and is very decidedly Christian. Also, there are themes throughout that make you wonder if Jane Austen didn’t use it as a basis for several of her own works. The similarities to especially Sense and Sensibility are uncanny.

      Here it is for free reading, as well: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2667/2667-h/2667-h.htm

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