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Project Hair Grow – 1 Year

Where I started.

A middle stage.

Current length.

What I’ve learned about my hair through this process:

-I can’t trust a professional to cut my bangs. They never go short enough, even after I ask them to.

-My hair is not the kind of curly that should prevent the stylist from giving me shorter layers, although they’ll still warn me about them every. single. time.

-When my hair is shorter I like sweeping side bangs. When longer, I love my short bangs. There’s probably something about proportion and balance to explain that, but whatever.

-My favourite length so far is just above the shoulder. About where I was in the first picture of the Project Hair post and the top picture in this one. Although I’m really growing fond of my lengthier tresses again. Just as long as I can keep my bangs short.

-Having a nice haircut doesn’t matter at work. Even the bangs hide under my hat.

-Curly hair is a blessing for ponytail days.

-It’s my face, not my hair that makes people think I’m a baby.


12 thoughts on “Project Hair Grow – 1 Year

  1. Your hair is so pretty! Don’t cut it off! I LOVE the way it looks right now! Sigh. The curls. Gorgeous.
    I feel like my hair should be longer, too, after a year of growing it. Why can’t hair be like those dolls where you pushed the button and it sucked in, and you pulled and it came out?

    1. Aw, thanks! And I was just teasing my mother. :P She doesn’t like my hair shorter at all. I intend on growing it out at least a little while longer to play with layers and styles and if it gets unmanageable then I might go shorter. But that’s not likely to happen for a good while at least.

      I know, right?? I want doll hair!!

    1. I need to start making them again! We’re having an adopt-a-family thing at work that should get me in the groove.

      Thank you! The top was from a garage sale and I found one almost just like it at Target today going for $22.99. I paid $5 for that shirt and two skirts. :D

  2. *sigh* I can so relate. If I’m wearing make-up and an appropriate, mature hairstyle and clothes, people take me for 16 at max. If not… “Oh, so you’re starting high school next year?” “No, I’ll be 20 in six weeks!” :P The faces I get from that are quite priceless though!
    I really like your longer hair. I’m growing my hair too. At the end of high school I had hair almost long enough to sit on. In stages over the last two years it vanished until just longer than shoulder length. Now it’s growing again, yay! ;)

    1. It makes it even more difficult when a guy I don’t know real well (or am just meeting) seems flirtatious. I’m not sure if I should be flattered that he realizes how old I am or creeped out because he thinks I’m a young, stupid, easy target. :P Oh yes, those shocked faces! I collect them. I don’t like the disbelief ones, though. It’s like… why would I lie? I’m not asking you to sell me alcohol, so I don’t understand what I’d gain by lying.

      Well thank you! I used to have hair down to my waist, but I never took care of it so it was usually just stringy frizziness. Getting it cut to my shoulders and then collarbone was the best feeling ever. I want to grow it out so I can make that dramatic change again, but only after a good stretch with cared-for long hair. :)

      1. Oh yes, the guys… *groans melodramatically*
        I don’t even know what would happen if I attempted to buy alcohol! Nobody would believe my legality, probably! When I was in hospital last year to get my wisdom teeth out, several nurses in a row refused to let my sign my own papers and kept asking when my father would be back, as I could not possibly be old enough… Look at my ID number, fools! :P

      2. Hahaha!! Yes!! That’s happened to me before! Not that exact situation, but my ID was actually questioned! I forget what I was doing, but it probably had to do with signing something because I remember thinking, “… yeeeah, I totally got a fake ID so I could sign this form.” :P

  3. I disagree with everyone. Get some bangs. You’ll look awesome(r), and I’ll give you an official “You look Awesome” Sticker and badge; and I’m not just saying that because I have bangs.

    1. Everyone who? I don’t remember anyone saying I shouldn’t have bangs. And does that mean you’re disagreeing with the everyones who said I should keep growing it out? I thought you liked my long hair!! WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!?!? :P

      I will accept the awesome sticker immediately for continuing to keep my bangs.

      Oh yes, and HELLOW!! It was quite a surprise to see you on my bloggie thing. :)

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