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Dear Blank

Letter Challenge Day Twenty-Five–Someone you know that is going through the worst of times

Do excuse my lack of actual wordage in this post.

This may not be an entirely accurate response to the letter challenge because the person I’m doing this for… towards? I am no longer speaking with… to? at? So I couldn’t say whether he/she is going through the worst of times or best of times or simply going-on-with-life times.

I’m not even writing a letter to (or at) that person because I thought it best for both parties to end communication completely. No contact. On my end, it’s been quite nice. =) I hope it’s been as pleasant for this other person, but I dare not ask lest another can of worms be unleashed.

I digress.

Jon McLaughlin, a singer/songwriter we both hold in high esteem recently came out with a song that in my mind perfectly sums up our relationship and why I finally ended it. So enough of my paltry words. Allow Jon McLaughlin to say it best by singing…

What I Want


2 thoughts on “Dear Blank

    1. No, it is sad. I just… it had reached a point where we were going in circles and no matter how much I stressed over it and prayed about it and tried to be the friend this person obviously expected me to be, I found it impossible. So I said goodbye and received a really nice letter in response, and then out of the blue a few lines of bitterness that made my head spin. I just can deal with all the mind games anymore. I can’t keep trying to be a friend to someone who doesn’t want to be friendly back.

      So yes, I’m much happier for having ended it! But it is sad.

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