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I bought things today

After work I was supposed to be focusing on gathering supplies for my 21st birthday, but instead I bought other things.

Well, I did buy a jumbo back of plastic champagne glasses. :P Yes, that screams me to high heaven. I also scoped out tablecloths and possible party favors, so I wasn’t a total failure in that department.

However, the most exciting things I bought were entirely unrelated to my birthday. Unless I wear the formal gown to a nice dinner out for my birthday. I should plan on that now, just because as of today I own a lovely brown formal gown. :)

This adorableness I found at the same thrift store as my dress, but I did not buy it. I only got a picture for Mara who has no obligation to comment because I know she’s a busy chickie. But there it is. For her.

This I bought for myself. I seriously need to fill up my other blank journals. I need to finish the entry I started writing in my journal for my birthday LAST YEAR. But things kept happening to prevent me from it and now… *sigh* Yeah, I should just do it.

But do you see why I needed that new one?? It’s got a writer’s quote on it! And a top hat! And it’s black leather goodness! I NEEEEDED IT! :D And it’s mine… my own… myyyy preeeciiooouuusssss!


P.S. I made a valiant effort, but “Emma Browne” is not finished. I’m not too upset with myself since I’m very happy with what I do have. I just can’t risk a rushed– and thereby botched–job. Soon, my duckies! Soon!


7 thoughts on “I bought things today

    1. I was seriously thinking of buying it just because it was so adorable… but I didn’t like the material it was made out of. It was kind of weird and shiny and felt… weird. Also, I think I could make one… maybe. :P If I do, you are first on the list to have it!

  1. Such a cool journal!! I have the HARDEST time not buying journals. It’s so sad, too, because blogging has made me write on the computer more and in journals less. :(

    1. Exactly! That’s why there’s always so many months (usually now a whole year) between entries! I’m writing little nothings down here, so I feel no great need to write it in a physical journal. Which is really sad. I need to make it priority to start keeping up with my hand-written ones.

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