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Dear Mr. Leprechaun

Letter Challenge Day Twenty-Seven–The Friendliest Person I Knew For Only One Day

Dear Mr. Leprechaun,

It was one of my first days at my first “real job” at Kohl’s. I was in the men’s department doing very boring things like waiting for the computers to tell me if the last credit application I’d punched in was approved or not. People these days–not surprisingly–are wary of credit cards, and it had been a long, slow afternoon of counting the minutes until lunchtime so I could get back to my book and my pudding.

I saw you coming towards the counter in your brown plaid and bow tie and immediately I thought, “Oh, a friendly leprechaun has come to visit me and brighten my day!” I was being utterly silly in my head, but it was hysterical how spot-on I was.

First off, you spoke in a brisk, Irish accent. Your hair was ginger and you had that funny scruff on your chin that extended to your sideburns but didn’t connect to a mustache–just like a leprechaun! You also winked at me and joked a lot and were the only person in my memory to actually ask me to fill out a credit application, and then compliment me on my friendly and professional nature. The application was quickly approved, printing with the highest possible rewards coupon.

I don’t remember your name, but it was something decidedly Irish and therefore appropriate. But I didn’t need to remember your name because you’re the only leprechaun I’ve ever met and therefore unforgettable.

I don’t know if you make it a habit to pop into the lives of certain people just to bring a wee bit of excitement to their day, but you brightened mine in ways you may never know. Although I think you do know because you did it on purpose, being a leprechaun and all. You had your wife with you, and she was very quiet and behind-the-scenes. I wonder if most leprechauns are married.

Anyway, wherever you are now, I’m sure it’s a cheerful place. Probably green. With a lot of castles. There may be a dragon. But a very docile dragon that you ride when there aren’t enough rainbows to be had.

Thank you for choosing to stop by my desk that day. Or let me thank you a manner you may be more familiar with…

Go raibh maith agat.



5 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Leprechaun

  1. Mr. Arrow, I’ve checked this miserable ship from stem to stern and as usual it’s…”spot on”. I love that quip! :) (andicantreaditwithouthearingitwithanenglishaccent)

    p.s. I would have thought you scared of leprechauns?

    1. As. do. I. :)
      (Andofcourseyoucan’t! Ialwayssayitinanenglishaccenteveninmyhead)

      No, no. I’m scared of clowns. Clowns, gnomes, and electricity. The Irish in me accepts leprechauns.

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