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Project Hair Grow – 1yr 1mo

I’m not sure when I’ll stop the hair posts, but since I don’t really do fashion posts I guess this can be my thing.

So I dyed my hair red, but it’s kind of hard to tell unless the sunlight glares directly upon it.

Here is before.

And a bit after.

For a two-night birthday extravaganza, my best friend and I made a video to an odd (but strangely infectious) song and I got some still shots out of it.

I know this doesn’t really help judge the length of my hair, but it makes it look pretty!

I think of Woman in White. Except that my hair and makeup are completely wrong for the period.

This I could not resist! :P I think we’re a dashing couple!

Costume explanation (like why Sara was dressed as a 19th century gentleman photographer) can be viewed here:

We made this between two days of endless Criminal Minds episodes.

And I was very heavy in her arms, she says. My weight apologizes.


8 thoughts on “Project Hair Grow – 1yr 1mo

  1. That picture that reminds you of the Woman in White is GORGEOUS!
    And also, the video kind of makes me giggle. But the song is amazing. And I like it all together.

    1. Aw, thank you! My best friend posed me right. ^.^

      Hehehe. It makes us giggle too. And that band has some great songs! Some are not so great, but “Addicted to Love” is a new favourite of mine. :)

  2. I was watching that show Pan Am the other day and there’s a french woman on it who I think looks like you. I just realized it looking at those pictures. They are lovely!

  3. Okayokayokay… I’m reading all of the comments about your “darling” and I figure I’ll just scroll through some earlier posts to see if I’ve missed anything. I come to Project Hair Grow. Now I have enough trouble dealing with my own hoarish tresses without worrying about yours too, so I pretty much always skip these. But then I notice there is a video, curiosity got the better of me (wellicouldntsleepbecauseofindigestion) so I checked it out.

    First of all, its Halloween night, coupled with the tone of the song, the blackandwhiteness of the video and the fact that you are a dead person lip-sinking the song…… well, I’m scared. (andmyindigestionisworse)

    I had to wonder if the golfers at least considered calling 9-1-1 to report a murder, and I would love to know what the rabbit thought about all of this.

    How did Goob (a.k.a. The Bowler Hat Guy) get so pretty!?

    Were your shoulders sore the next day from her carrying you like that? Ouch!

    Is that a cow patty that your head is on? (eewwhhaa)

    But most of all, I had to laugh through practically all of this wondering how in the world the two of you ever finished this through what must have been non-stop laughter! I think that you should run a “blooper-reel”….. Iwouldpaygoodmoneytoseethat!

    You two C.R.A.C.K. me up!


    ps creepycoupleyesdashingcoupleno

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