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Dark Have Been My Dreams of Late

“I had a dream… you were insulting me, Dave. Repeatedly.” -Balthazar Black

If life wasn’t crazy enough, (can you tell by the lack of blogging that it’s been busy?) I now have been experiencing a string of really weird dreams that come from seemingly nowhere.

Okay, not exactly truthful. I suppose they could come from amusement park withdrawals, thinking about Charleton Heston before I go to bed, (happens more often than you’d think) and listening to the Oklahoma soundtrack on the way home from work after I stayed up too late the night before to listen to more of Phil’s Lord of the Rings audio book. <-Pretty much one of my favourite parts in the films. :D Pretty much done excellent justice by Phil. :D

First, I was trying to enter an amusement park with my dad. Apparently he had offered to take me on a belated birthday excursion and I chose Six Flags even though we both knew it was late in the season and there was no guarantee we’d get in. When we got there, it was closed to everyone except people with a season pass and a moderately annoying female park attendant was the only security. The last time we had a season pass to Six Flags was… more than two years ago at least. Probably five. Or more. Anyway, I lied to the lady and said we had one but we left it at home. I wanted to ride the new roller coaster that badly, and it was actually working!!! She just wanted some ID to confirm my age (??) …and then I woke up.

You must be this high ^ to ride the roller coaster

In the next dream I was affianced to a guy who looked eerily similar to Captain America, but somewhere between Steve Rogers and his Captain America form. So… Chris Evans from Cellular? Yeeaaah, let’s go with that. Anyway, the earth was being overrun by Nazis, and I mean the entire earth. So a bunch of people were evacuating the planet in enormous space capsules (or ships) in groups of three or four. Each ship only had the oxygen and supplies to carry that small number of humans, while the rest of it was filled, flown, and powered by oblong robots (they were like minions meet EVE) which were meant to test soil, air and other important things on the planets we were escaping to. If all else failed, the escapees would float around for a couple years and land back on earth after the Nazis had (hopefully) started to kill each other off for lack of races to conquer.

We'll let them fight each other off, like in Jurrasic Park.

Yeah, I don’t think the guy in charge had really thought this through…

I was standing on a landing strip, watching my two guy friends and another girl board one such capsule and I knew my fiance was out fighting Nazis in a dangerous war zone and within those few short moments I had watching the boarding ramp close, I decided I wasn’t going to scamper off to hide while everyone else I knew was helping in any way they could for the good of mankind. I dove onto the ship just before the ramp closed.

At first it was this great feeling of doing the right thing and the minion bots were cheering adorably and the guys were all, “Huzzah, you’re coming along!” The other girl ignored me.

Then we took off and we all got really sick because we were IN SPACE and there was no gravity so everyone was floating and one guy said he was going to hurl and the other said, “Don’t do that or the stuff will be floating around for weeks.” So he went to throw up in a special tube.

But then the gravity field kicked in and we were okay and I said something ridiculously optimistic and one of the guys scratched his head and gave me this half-squint and said, “What if we’re floating out here in space for years? I mean… it’s not really up to us. We can set a course back for earth, but the bots decide when it’s safe to land.”

And then I realized I had probably just caused the end of Captain America to happen to my fiance back on earth. (Don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about it.) And suddenly running for cover and waiting it out didn’t seem like such a bad idea. I had this horrible, horrible vision of him winning the unwinnable war with his heroics and then rushing to find me, only to discover that I’d jumped on board a space capsule and was floating around the universe indefinitely.

“If only... must be the two saddest words in the world.”

I think that is actually the worst dream I’ve ever had. Because it was my fault. And it ended there, with all of us floating in space and me knowing I made the worst mistake of my life. *huffs* I want to kick me.

And the most recent dream was just me running through a cornfield with Curly from Oklahoma (in fact, we were in Oklahoma) trying to dodge bullets. These three bad dudes–a sheriff and his two… side… persons–were after a group of little boys who saw the sheriff kill someone and Curly and I were trying to get to the boys and bring them to safety before the criminals killed them dead, and it was very hard to run in all those petticoats. Then the cornfield ended and I panicked because the only thing to hide behind were hay rolls and overturned barrels and the goons were still shooting at us and Curly shot one but then we got separated and I had to find two of the boys by myself.

I totally found them both and saved their lives, though. And I did it without Curly’s help. Anyway… it still didn’t make up for my stupid space capsule dream, but at least I did something useful.


I’m almost afraid to sleep tonight. :/


2 thoughts on “Dark Have Been My Dreams of Late

  1. That Captain America dream was sad. :( I had a dream the other night that I was in this place where an evil dictator was giving orders to everyone and he ordered me to kiss this one boy (What kind of evil dictator demands something like that??) And I realized the boy bore a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber. I kissed him (against my will) and then just before the dream ended I remember talking to my sister and saying “I’m so depressed, I just gave up my first kiss to a twelve year old!” Haha. No more pizza before bedtime…

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