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Let It Be Known I Am Versatile

The ever colorful and quirky Elana has bestowed upon me this splendiferous blogging award!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Dah dah dah duuuum!

It’s rather funny, but the other bloggers who earned this prestigious title seem to question their eligibility. Well. I may be infrequent, unkempt, and disorganized with my blogging, but I’ll never doubt my versatility. :P I’ll write about anything on my mind and more besides.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I can write about something not on my mind… maybe that’s what happens when I’m partly watching a movie and partly scribbling notes?

Wee, I love to ramble!

Alright, since the requirements for this award was to be found guilty of being versatile and then to award 15 other persons of like-crime-mindedness, I award anyone who desires to be known as versatile! If you think your blog spans subjects beyond the confines of a dark, dank Gollum cave, then snatch this little icon and plaster it on your post with pride! You may link back to me or you may not. I’m being supremely lazy and making this a free-f0r-all since last time I barely managed to come up with three favourites to link to. Hurrah, free award!!!! <-green like money.

Oh yes. Now the part where I talk about myself.

In Which I Talk About Myself

1. Yesterday I made banana cupcakes with molasses frosting. I got so full on the batter I didn’t eat any once baked.

2. I’m making a list of movies I watched this whole year. So far Tangled and The Slipper and the Rose are ahead in repeat viewings. I’ve watched them three or four times each already.

3. I’m always writing story scenes in my notebooks and they turn out really well, but when I need to copy the scene chronologically into the story document I can’t find the notes! That’s happening right now. They turn up at some point… usually after I’ve finished the chapter without them. *sigh*

4. When it comes to love I’m afraid of time. And timing. I hate romances in which time is an obstacle that turns out impossible for the two intended lovers to be together. In fact, I don’t know why I started watching Doctor Who when I knew from the start time had doomed him. Okay, I do know. I’m too much of a geek.

Movies on my black list for just this time obstacle reason: Dear John, Captain America, Tuck Everlasting, Atonement, West Side Story, Tristan and Isolde, any version of Romeo & Juliet.

Movies that scared me, but ended up being favourites because they didn’t make me angry at the ending: Prince of Persia, The Lake House, The Holiday, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Kate & Leopold.

That was basically a super-list of chick flicks.

5. Sometimes I fantasize that a man with legal authorization to carry a firearm for his profession will drive up to Panera in an armored jeep during lunch rush and compel me with said firearm to drive his jeep while he shoots at his pursuers who are tied up in a complicated and despicable political plot. You know, like in the movies. And we’d have some after-the-fact cliche conversation I would initiate with, “Why did you choose me?” and he’d say something slightly less cliche and we’d return home as heroes and my managers wouldn’t even mind that I left in the middle of a lunch rush and my parents wouldn’t be upset that I was driving a killer jeep with a strange man in it because it would be a matter of national defense wherein thousands of innocent lives were saved due to our instinctual bravery and he’d marry me in gratitude and buy me a castle (or a cottage) in Scotland where we’d raise fifteen bairns and a few sheep.

The details vary, but the main plot is always the same.

6. I did not get enough sleep last night.

7. I very rarely have solid favourites, but rather phases. (Excepting a handful of books, songs, and movies.) I have a favourite song for a day, or a month, or a favourite project to be working on at the moment only. I’m giving y’all more info than is strictly necessary, but here’s a list of my current “phase” favourites.

Song: Unworthy of Your Love – from (originally) “Assassins” but also (in a far less creepy context*) “Putting it Together: A Musical Revue”
Video: HISHE: Captain America – pure. unadulterated. brilliance. Exactly why I hated that blasted ending!
Book: The Phantom of the Opera – Lowell Bair translation
Project: Finding my missing story notes so that I can continue a project.
Word: expulsion


*At first I thought a musical called “Assassins” featuring a song like that must be awesome. But after sifting through hours and hours of Wikipedia bunny trails, I have to confess it sounds outright creepy. And if you know me at all, I’m not one to use the term lightly. Basically, it’s about a bunch of historical figures who either attempted to or succeeded in assassinating U.S. presidents, and the original context of the song involves John Hinkley and “Squeaky” Fromme, singing separately in their perverse delusion. (The actual historical context is even creepier than any fictional story I’ve yet to encounter. Honestly.) But in the clip featured, it’s a really nice love song between relatively normal human beings. As far as I can tell.


16 thoughts on “Let It Be Known I Am Versatile

  1. Hmm…is it just me, or is the fact I could almost directly copy 5 and 7 and accurately apply them to myself a little creepy? Cause I could. Scottish cottage and all.

  2. Haha! This is brilliant, and I agree that you are definitely a versatile blogger! Congratulations!

    Also, Maude, your comment makes me smile because I *knew* you two would get along smashingly! ^_^

    1. *bows* Thank’ee!

      Haha. Now, Timbo, don’t get smug just because you seem to orchestrate insignificant things like… my writing ventures and friendships.

  3. #5… Whoa. I have totally fantasized about that. Except mine is a tad bit different, because… I don’t work at Panera. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same! :) Can I have one of his friends as well?

    1. Wow. I thought by posting that little fantasy I was revealing some vastly abnormal quirk! But it seems I’m not alone. I wonder how many more of us are out there, daydreaming the same… I could start a support group! Or at least start a psychological/social experiment…

      You absolutely may have one of his friends! For my militaristically inclined husband will have many friends for me to marry off to womankind, being that his countless selfless acts will make him the friend to dozens of equally amazing bachelors!

      1. OK, I just watched Captain America and now I realize what you mean by timing being terrible. AGH! SO TERRIBLE. Horrible. Have you seen Forever Young? That one was so bad, but it at least had an alright ending. Captain America. That was a torturous ending.

        Whoa. Okay, now I’m done with my rant. :)

      2. YES!! I was super upset!! It was almost as bad as if he’d gone down with the ship and been killed! I saw Forever Young and I actually thought it was sweet because they ended up together. More like they cheated time. *sniffles* It was. Dreadful. I had to go watch a handful of happy-enders to get over it.

        ….I’m still not quite over it.

  4. “splendiferous” – Lovely word! :D

    Ah, number 3. Story of my life. I could actually make a cartoon out of it! And that I sometimes write on tissues or napkins is not helping! ;) These days I have folded the top of last page of my writing exercise book into a triangle shape thing and sticky-taped the page to the cover. So it gives me a little pouch to stick notes in. I also have a little wooden treasure chest filled with really small folded-up notes! :D

    1. When eloquence is difficult, quote Tigger! ;D

      Gah!! Me too! Well, I don’t have the nifty triangle pouch thing! But I have about five folders that were once all organized notes, until I noticed I’ll write about four different stories on one page of notebook paper. >.< Thereby defeating the purpose of organized folders!!

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