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Music 2 Luff

Sara Bareilles. I need to get a CD (or two) of hers. I’ve just been too lazy. Or is it frugal? No, it’s lazy. :P

Singing Gravity a capella. :) Bee-yew-tee-ful.

I’ve talked about covers before. This is another cover that I like so much better than the original. Funny, for the first time I understand these lyrics!

Eliza Doolittle sings with a very British accent which automatically makes her fantastic in my book and I’m quite proud to say I was in love with her music long before that Prius commercial kept playing “Rollerblades” on Hulu. ;P

How’s this for a cover?

And in case you don’t watch your TV on Hulu and therefore have not heard the entire Rollerblades song, here it is.


This is hilarious. I have no idea what it’s from or what on earth is going on, but it makes me laugh, so why not?

This is going under romance instead of music because it’s Josh Groban. The first ten times I heard this song I was falling asleep because I have his new album playing in my ears in bed. The first time I was fully awake and heard it I almost couldn’t believe it. It. is. gorgeous. Almost nothing like the original. Yes, this is another cover done better (I believe) than its predecessor.


Lembas Bread: It’s what’s for dinner. And if not, it should be!!

I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with this Kid’s React thing. Lia is my favorite. She reacts to things much in the same way I would. :P Athena irritates me. But then… her name is Athena. Sooo…

I LOVE the boys, too!
“What did you think of the lyrics?”
“I understood it was Friday.”

“For some reason, everything is her fault!”

Aaaand, Charlie the Unicorn!

Don’t know if I’ve shared these before, but they’re so funny I laugh myself to tears every time, so here you are again… if it is again. :P




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