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30 Days of Writing

Now that I’ve finished the 30 Day Letter Challenge, (quite obviously not 30 days in a row) I need the next side quest to complete.

First, allow me to get unreasonably excited over the fact that I finished something!! AAAAAHHH I DIDN’T FAIL THE CHALLENGE!!! AAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! :D :D :D :D


Second, I started my five year journal in question and answer form today–Thank you, Victorian Trading Company!

Third, on an unrelated note, I’m basting the turkey while mum gets last minute groceries for our Thanksgiving dinner and although I do not like turkey at all, this one is making my mouth water. I may actually partake in it pre-leftover sandwich phase! This is an historic occasion in more ways than one.

And now for the point of this post. In order that this not feel so narcissistic of me, I’m going to include a featured book and a snippet from it (most likely one I’m currently reading) and possibly art that encompasses the feel of either my self-serving ramblings or the shared snippet.

By the way, I have no idea where I picked up this challenge, so I’m afraid I can’t link back to anyone. :/

30 Days of Writing
…starts now…

Challenge #1: Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

Nineteenth century. The language is formal, subtle, and thereby all the loveliness modern abbreviated chit-chat lacks. The Victorian Era is so rich in historical happenings, literary achievements, societal controversy, and features the most fascinating characters to study, making it, by far, my favourite period to research and write about.

That, and anything supernatural/fantasy orientated will make me a happy woman. Teens with superpowers, dystopias, viruses that mimic vampirism, secret portals, enchanted artifacts–the farther removed from modern everyday life, the better. I love science fiction and fantasy for the same reason. Both take the impossible and make it seem possible. One just takes a more direct approach.

A marriage of the two elements (*coughs*time travel*coughs*) is a match made in heaven.

To name a specific project would be difficult. Recently I had a blast working on The Baffling Case of Miss Emma Browne, (which exhibited both elements) and I even got my brother to read it who has not yet ceased his praises. :D I’m a moody writer, though, working most consistently in what I want to write at the time, so I usually love most whatever I’m currently working on.


Featured Snippet

Richard looked to Kahlan. “What’s going on? We’ve got a palace full of guards so jumpy that they even challenged me when I came in. We’ve got squads of archers guarding stairwells, and I’ve not seen so much bared steel since the Blood of the Fold attacked the city.”

His eyes had that raptor gaze again. “Who’s down in the pit?”

“I told you,” Cara whispered to Kahlan. “He always finds out.”

Temple of the Winds; the fourth in The Sword of Truth series.


Featured Image

Richard, Kahlan, and Scarlet
by Muffinina on Deviant Art

Side note… I’m none too fond of the actual Sword of Truth book covers. :/

And for all ye “A’merkin” folks who are celebrating the finer things in life (friends, family, and food!) Happy Thanksgiving!


That’s supposed to be a turkey.


18 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing

  1. Yes–it was something that you showed me, and we both wanted to finish it, and I’m glad that you finished. In hindsight, though, I wish I would have waited until after the semester finished to finish it–ya know, fail before success, instead of after. Like, the bad news before good news. Oh well.

    1. Hmm. I never looked at it that way. Well, maybe you’ll find another challenge you can use as the good news after the bad. “Treat yo’self!”

      But I’m proud of us for finishing. :)

  2. Is that from a commercial? What am I treating myself to from the commercial?

    And me, too. It makes you just want to finish away at everything! Once you’ve finished one something.

    I’m answering 100 questions. Slowly. So that will be way after the semester’s over… and hopefully neither are failures–the semester and the questions, I mean.

  3. Congratulations!!!! *throws confetti* HUZZAH!!!!

    As for everything else, I already knew it all. :P Loved the featured snippet, though, and that picture was beast! Much better than the cover for sure (I hate them too!) (though Scarlet needs to be bigger). ;P

    1. *dances in confetti* Ooo, mayhaps that’s my Native American name! Dances With Confetti. :D Thanks, m’friend!

      Well, yes, but you are my soul-twin, so that’s to be expected. :P Every time I read that snippet I fall in love with Richard all over again. *le sigh* ^.^

      YES!! It’s so sad because I take my books with me to read wherever I’m able and I don’t like anyone to see the Sword of Truth covers because they’re super cheesy looking. I had to tell a friend not to judge when she sneered at the “Winds” one. “It’s not like it looks!”

      1. I approve of your Native American name. *throws more confetti* xD

        Soul-twin. Why do I like that even better than regular twin?! I don’t know, but I do. :P

        Hahaha! Ugh, the Temple cover was HORRIBLE! I will say, though, that I love the covers for Confessor, Phantom, and Faith of the Fallen. Just sayin. :P

      2. *dances in excess of confetti and promptly suffocates*

        *comes back as ghost*

        Becaaause I said it. :P

        YES!! Okay, the Phantom book made me want to read this series. Not the show. The book called “Phantom.” I’m sure you’re not surprised. :P

      3. Oooo, a ghost Byrd! Does it feel strange when people walk through you?

        Hahaha! That must be it! :P

        lol! That’s awesome, and no, I’m not surprised. ;P

      4. Yes, but I’m getting used to it. And people shivering around me… and animals whimpering. This is all your fault, you know.


        Hehehe. It’s a Phantom thing. :)

  4. Love Richard LOL…you can’t put anything past him! That’s a great pic you posted…Fan art is great. Look up Karen Hallion on facebook if you like steampunk-y type stuff. She does really cool stuff.

    1. XD One more reason to love him. That line, “Who’s down in the pit?” just kills me! I’m consistently amazed at how Goodkind writes such humor and tragedy simultaneously, and often in the same sentence!

      Ooo, fabulous! I will certainly look into that!

      1. AAAAAAAHH!!! I would go up to that kid and shake his hand! Or at least scare him half to death with my mad props! I’ve had mothers shrink back from me when I notice them carrying one of the Harry Potter novels for their child. I guess they think I’m there to take their order, not gush about how EPIC the kid is going to find that book. :P

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