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30 Days of Writing: Day 2

Challenge #2: How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

That first question has to be a joke. Has to be. Is there any writer who knows off the top of their head how many characters he/she has written into being? Are we including everyone, from not-even-named bystanders to each man in a squad of soldiers? What about the ancestors of our protagonists who are assumed into existence?

Mayn’t I round up by main characters? Even estimating that will be challenge enough, I should think.

According to my count, I have 78 lead characters who are the decided backbone of their stories, not counting the major supporting roles. Most came in pairs because 99% of everything I write is a romance. =3

Ohoho! Gender debate! How delightfully controversial! I prefer men, thanksverymuch. I love to write sarcasm and angst from the guy’s perspective, or show them falling in love chapter by chapter without them realizing it’s happening. (=3 again) The great majority (if not all) of my stories revolve around the girl/woman character, but I tend to have a special attachment to my man characters in the way they demand to be portrayed. They delight me.

That came out weirder than I intended.


Featured Snippet

‘I was thinking,’ he said, matching her tone, ‘that you desperately need a different hobby.’

‘Ah!’ Her expression became very serious. ‘But that, of course, is entirely your fault.’

He was genuinely bewildered. ‘Mine? How?’

She listed off each point on her fingers. ‘I gave up drawing in disgust after you refused to sit for me; I don’t read more because you’ve read everything and I can simply ask you; I don’t practice music more because I know I can never reach the level of excellence you keep reminding me Jane Fairfax has reached; I don’t ride because as you visit us all the time I never have to go out far enough to justify using a horse; and after dancing with you, I’ve been spoilt for any other partner.’

He felt himself colour at this last, but did not know if it was from pleasure or embarrassment, and he suspected he wouldn’t ever know unless he knew whether she was being serious or simply teasing him. He did not know what to say in reply, so this time he let her win their exchange. ‘Nonsensical girl,’ he smiled, and then let it pass.

After all, he was a partial old friend.

A Partial Old Friend (An Emma fan fiction) by ChocolateIsMyDrug

The lovely SaraMilla found me this delightful fic when I petulantly demanded to be amused with a Mr. Knightley/Young Emma story. Emma remains one of the best, most understated romances of all time. I love the story so much I find 90’s remakes of the novel tolerable–even charming.  There is simply not enough said regarding Emma’s childhood days and the role Mr. Knightley took in it. Yes, I realize that I delivered a snippet with her already almost grown out of girlhood, but that is not the point. The point is… this story is wonderful and if you enjoy a little Jane Austen expansion now and then, you’ll love this.


Featured Image

Old Fashioned
by Marybeth McBain from Pinterest


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    1. Yes! I have no idea who originally came up with these questions. I should see if I can source it back to someone and complain about the absurdity of this one. :P

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