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All we ask for is thank you

The holidays are upon us.

Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is fast approaching, and through the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, a short young woman who works as a cashier wants just one thing to shine this year.


It’s two little words that make all the difference. Two little words and a sincere tone.

“Thank you!”

Whether I packaged twelve pastries, six bagels and four loaves of bread, or pulled out one paper take-out cup for your coffee, taking the time to appreciate it does a world of good. It’s amazing how rude people can be during this season, and I blame the ugly monster of Ingratitude.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be confined to one day of the year. It should be a consistent state of mind. God didn’t just protect a handful of Pilgrims nearly four-hundred years ago and then leave the rest of us to rot. We’ve been in His thoughts since before the invention of time and He’s been looking after His people all the while. Knowing how rude I find it when a customer fails to say thanks for the effort I put into their order makes me realize how disappointed God must be when we don’t take the time to thank Him for the overflow of blessings granted by His hand.

And even if you don’t believe in God, being unthankful just makes you a jerk.

That’s why I’m making another thankful post right now. It’s been far too long for one thing, and I think this transition period for the holiday season is the perfect time to start back up.

  1. Sight
    Believe it or not, I am not talking about a sixth-sense or magic perception. I mean quite literal eyesight. How many of us wear corrective lenses of some sort or another? How many have had or plan on having laser surgery? How often do we stop and not take for granted the fact that we can see? When I was a little girl and first heard about blindness I used to walk around the house with my eyes closed to test how well I could cope. I didn’t do very well. I cry sometimes when my glasses go missing. I can’t be thankful enough for modern inventions in the way of lenses, without which I could barely function.
  2. Panera Trainees
    I know I mention work a lot but there is so much to love about my job, I must persist. The fact that we are still growing enough to start new Paneras is a reason to be thankful in itself. The new trainees are another. I always wanted to be a teacher, and with all the new hires, I am. I love passing on knowledge, seeing someone’s face light up when they grasp a new concept; to have a tired, but happy face at the end of a shift say, “Thanks so much! I learned a lot with you!” That is why I wanted to teach, and God put me in the absolute best place for it. And it doesn’t hurt that I get to call them minions and padawans. ;)
  3. Europe Plans
    Making it to Europe the first time was surreal. I’m unfathomably blessed to have the opportunity to go again with my best friend and to have the job and therefore the funds to do so, even in this wretched economy.
  4. Write or Die
    The Site That Scares You Into Writing
    This thing is pure evil genius. I’ve written (collectively) 800 words in 20 minutes so far where normally I’d take a whole week to do as much. Of course the stuff I plunked out needs heavy editing assistance, but those are some drastic number differences. I’ve found that setting a goal of 200 words for 5 minutes at a time works best for me, but you can mess around for a while to see what time limit and word goal combination works for your own self. Read the “About” section right under the web app. It’s fantastic.
  5. Finding $20 I Thought Might Be Lost
    Thank God for safe pockets. Twenty dollars is a lot to lose, even temporarily.
  6. The New Intern on Bones
    Totally in love with the new squint, Finn, and his oh so Southern accent. <3 He looks like Dr. Chase with a baseball cap, but talks like Jasper Hale incarnate. And yeah, I always did love Jasper. There’s something about that homemade-snickerdoodle-haystack-frolic-and-fresh-lemonade-after-church-service drawl.
  7. Babies
    There’s nothing like a toothless grin or outright laughter from an amused infant. Or fat, rosy cheeks, soft to the touch. Or a little one falling asleep on your chest while their tiny hand curls up and their mouth makes the perfect ‘o’ shape. And baby pj’s are darling! Especially the feetie ones! *sigh* I miss babies. I haven’t got to hold a baby in so long! :(
  8. Sleep
    Do I need to explain this one?
  9. Hats
    Aren’t they beautiful!?! Mara’s Mama made the three hat-hats, and then the ear warmer/headband in gray and purple was knitted by my darling friend “Mosie” as a birthday present! I love them so much! Eventually I’m sure you’ll see some of these on me, but for now you’ll have to enjoy them unmodeled. ;)
  10. Monsters
    But only the Rehab! Yes, yes, I need “Rehab,” I know. There, now I made that joke and you can’t. :P If you’re in the workforce, you understand!

9 thoughts on “All we ask for is thank you

  1. Ah! Write or Die! I love that site! :D It pulled me through NaNoWriMo. Without it, the crisis would have been so much worse…
    I usually set it to Strict, 750 words (or 800 if I’m feeling ambitious) and 20 minutes. After that, I would take about 3 minutes for my poor hands and then set the timer to 30 minutes and 1000 words.
    With my word count for the day done, I would love Dr Wicked! :P

    1. It’s a life saver! I can’t believe I hadn’t even heard of it before my friend mentioned his brother getting a lot of good use out of it. My only problem now is forcing myself to actually go to the site and start a session. Some nights I’d rather read what I already wrote, which is not very productive.

      I’ve had good results from Kamikaze and Evil so far, but that’s with a small word count. I’m afraid my fingers and blood pressure might not be able to handle any more in one sitting. :P

  2. I’m glad you’re doing this again! Gratitude is very important, and it’s good even just to hear other people being thankful for things they have. So you’re helping me too and not just yourself. :D

    Oh, my goodness, Write or Die sounds amazing. I’ve bookmarked it. Must remember to come back to that!

  3. Write or die is great, though I’ve never really been good with using it. Usually I can get into the groove with the right music choice! Great list of thankfulnesses here – and YAY PANERA. Oh Panera, how I love that place as a writing spot. I miss it so much in Korea.

    1. My problem is making the conscious decision to open the program and use it. I can stall for hours before I think enough is enough, whip out the Write or Die and get things accomplished. Music is a great motivator, too! It’s too chancy for me most times. I can never count on it inspiring a furtherance of the story I mean to be writing in. Often my mind wanders and I find myself writing something entirely new instead.

      If I wasn’t always working there, I’d totally use it as a writing haven. But I get the long shifts and by the end of them I usually just want to take a bath and go to bed. :)

    1. I would have to work very, very hard not to turn into a bitter woman if I ever lost my sight completely. :/
      So it is!!
      Keep working towards that goal and you’ll get there! I dreamed of traveling Europe for about six years before the right opportunity presented itself. It’s still surreal to me. The whole thing was like a dream. (Okay, Paris was partly a nightmare, but even so…)

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